A baby born in the Blockchain

By Abali Ikulu | Rocket | 17 Oct 2020


   As for any human work , from the beginning of the mind kind, people still working hard in various life area ameliorating

  their discovery such as App , internet projects, just to make them be easy to use,perfect and risk free.

  Still the major part of the world do not know about the crytpo world ,with all of his features : Token, e wallet,,online exchange platform, private keys, public keys,Virtual money   less people knows about it.but for those are used to it , none ignore the volatility of crytpo price in the crypto market. If we can mention here the most used crypto like Bitcoin,Ethereum, or all the ERC20 token 

their price never be stable.Investors make many calculation before making any attempt The technology has gone far and each one is finding his way to bring a tone of new touch in the blokchain.

But who will be the first ,which project will gain people attention ?

To know that, lets view some of the weakness of the actual transaction features people are using to back up their online transaction operations. We will find that most of the token people uses they don't operate in a way that there is something that people earn, No interest after trading ! Presently few online market exchange can hold thousand of transactions in a second,thus is due to unavailability of artificial intelligent to run this kind of project.

Than you know what ? A baby born has come over , with genuine features such as : Speculative (AMM ) ,meaning : Automated market marker which determines the token price based on the volatility,it is a universal price model that can evaluate the price of the token. We call it : < DEXToken protocol >It is some how like a DeFi infrastructure.  AMM is used to ensure token pool liquidity and benefit DEXG token

holders or investors can be  rewarding with portion of transaction,So the purpose of the DEXToken is to enable the blokchain network to calculate the theoretical token price.

- DEXToken protocol has an off-chain issuable token technology to provide minted token redeemed and user capabilities it can also provide a scientific minting mode for both off-chain and deflationary token 

This token can be also used for staking ,this is due to his stability and it is highly recommended for use of online transaction.You will find nowhere such a token ,it is unique,build in highest artificial technology which ease and resolve the big dilemma in trading area......Blokchain 

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Abali Ikulu
Abali Ikulu

I am Mr Ikulu Abali from Democratic Republic of Congo Resident in Mozambique, I am a professional Artist Musician. I am married and have children i am actually living in Maputo. I like dealing with internet matter, because I believe in it.


The aim of creating this blog is to share internet resources with friends and readers. In this blog I will be posting articles related to crypto, blockchain, technology and many more. I am an honest guy ,anything I will be posting here is true in case it is a bounty project topic or any of this kind. I would like readers to take my post seriously because of the love I may show for resolving some financial issues with my proper experience or through the business I am doing or pass-through. Thank you.

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