Workshop about blockchain applications in robotics and automation

By Diana King | Robonomics Network | 28 Sep 2021

IROS 2021 online workshop
On 1st of October, 2021 and on 15th of October, 2021

The workshop aims at providing to researchers and developers the possibility to present, discuss, and exchange ideas that address the benefits and challenges of decentralized ledger technologies in robotic applications. The workshop outcome will be novel ideas, challenges and possible solutions of practical and theoretical problems. It will involve a pool of top international experts in the new emerging field of blockchain in Robotics and AI and from neighbouring areas. Such as:

Which issues (technical, production, legal) slow down the development and widespread usage of robotic applications based on the blockchain into the real world? Will there be enough scalability and security of decentralized technologies for a large-scale network of Cyber Physical Systems? What new types of applications can be developed based on these technologies? Register today and find out!

This workshop is supported by the TC on Smart Buildings and the TC on Energy, Environment and Safety Issues.

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Diana King
Diana King

PR, marketing specialist for crypto projects, editor, journalist, producer and good person.

Robonomics Network
Robonomics Network

Robonomics Network is an open-source platform that connects IoT devices under the control of Ethereum and Polkadot networks. Over the last six years, 13 application scenarios have been implemented on its basis, including management of drone fleets in a decentralized network, tokenization of data from IoT devices, robot-artist Gaka-chu, road space negotiation for autonomous cars and many other significant use cases.

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