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SoRare to the moon, you should start it

If you love Football or Baseball, Crypto, and Passive Income, you have to try Sorare.

Why You Should Start to Play it?

Sorare is an NFT-based “play to earn” game.

You buy the cards of the real football players. Then, according to the real performance of the players in the matches, you will earn prizes (in usd or Ethereum). You can also trade NFTs for profit.

 believe there is no time better than NOW to get involved with it. Here are the top three reasons:

  • European Leagues are on summer break; many of the players’ NFT prices are down.
  • World Cup 2022 is coming. Sorare will be very popular during that time.
  • Sorare already made partnerships and deals with most of the major leagues around the world. If you enter these days, you still have the first-movers advantage.

Once you registered for the game, Sorare gives you 10 Common cards. These cards are free and you cannot trade them in the marketplace. However, you can use them to build a team and enter a competition to win rewards.

For buying NFT cards, you have two options:

  • Buy from Sorare on auction: Sorare constantly mint new cards and places them in its marketplace. You have to place your bids for buying those cards, and if you win the auction, the  card will be yours.
  • Buy from other players: players can place the cards they own into the marketplace for sale. Here the price is specified directly by the players owning the NFTs.

How to start?

You can even start playing SoRare without investing money in it, there is even a F2P option where you can still win rewards that you can sell for ETH.

If you are interested in it, click on the link, start playing and you receive 10 free starter cards to kick off your journey. If you decide to invest in, after you buy 5 cards from the auction market, you receive 1 extra Limited card for free!

Claim your 10 Free cards

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