Invest in passive income P2E game

After 8 months of playing with my investment of 50$ im currently at 1000+$ .

this is how i did it:


Making money on SoRare without SO5* rewards

There are several ways to make money on SoRare without putting together a team and compete in SO5 competitions. Im about to show you one of these methods in today's post.

Buying New Cards from the Auction

There is a built in auction house where you can buy newly created cards by bidding on them. 


Each card is up to auction for 3 days,  during non-peak hours you can get awesome deals, and you can make a good amount of ETH out of the auctions.

There is an example of a great deal:


As you can see the card is currently going for 0.0099 ETH and only 2 and a half minute left from the auction, however in the player driven market you can buy the cheapest same card for 0.0219 ETH. Thats a 0.012 ETH profit right there!

You can see that making money on SoRare is can be easy and with a right strategy and a good amount of time you can earn insane profits of ETH.

Turn your Auction House profit into Passive income

If you follow this method you can make a good team with the profits you made from the cards and even earn a passive income with the Rare SO5 competition.


In the Rare competiotion you can only use rare (red) cards to compete and it has a special rule: even if you dont reach high rank and win card prizes you are eligible for a Score based rewards where if you reach the Threshold of more than 205 point you get 0.0186 ETH or 0.0371 ETH if you score more than 250 points. 

SO5* = It is the name of the weekly competitions

Invest in injured players

One great investment on SoRare is to buy injured players (the ones that were starter players ofc) because the market reacts fast and if a player doesnt play their price will decrease. One Great example is a brazilian player Robson, the 31 years old forward scored 71 points in his last game before his injury and his price went up to 0.009 ETH (Around 9-10$ at the time). After a few games which he doesnt played because of the injury his price went down to as low as 0.0020-0.0025 ETH (around 2-2,5$). He was injured for over a month now but he played 9 minutes in his latest game at Fortaleza,if he continue to play and score high, his price will go back to around 0.009 ETH.

I manged to invest in 6 copies of Robson for around 0.0022 ETH a piece, im looking forward to sell him with great profit.


Invest in U23 players

What does U23 means? An U23 player is a player whose age is under 23.

There are currently many talents under the age of 23, the ones that play in big leagues are already have big value, but if you look at players from lesser known leagues like the Türkish Superleague or the Croatian League you surely will find a cheap(ish) youngster who have a potentional to be a star player in 1-2 years.


Invest in backup goalkeepers

Goalkeepers have the biggest value in SoRare since you can only have one keeper in your team, and the goalkeeper position is not known to rotate a lot.

Finding a good backup keeper whose contract is running out you have great chance if he transfers to another club he will be a first position goalkeeper in his future club.


Finding a good goalkeeper is a key element to the game, but they can be very expensive.


How to start?

You can even start playing SoRare without investing money in it, there is even a F2P option where you can still win rewards that you can sell for ETH.

If you are interested in it, click on the link, start playing and you receive 10 free starter cards to kick off your journey. If you decide to invest in, after you buy 5 cards from the auction market, you receive 1 extra Limited card for free!

Claim your 10 Free cards

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