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Hello everyone!

In this post im going to show you my latest investment on a P2E website called SoRare.

Sorare in a few words:

  • It is a fantasy game of football (Soccer), where players buy, sell, trade, and manage a virtual teams with digital player cards. 
  • Players (as managers), compose virtual teams of five football players, from blockchain cards on the Sorare platform.
  • Teams are ranked based, on the performance of their players on the real-world soccer pitch, if they score high, you earn sweat rewards such as cards or cash reward.
  • The game uses blockchain technology based on Ethereum.
Concept of winning rewards:

You have to assemble a team with 5 players, a Goalkeeper, a Defender, a Midfielder, a Forward and one extra player (no GK). They will gather points based on their real life performance on the pitch (if they didnt played they get 0 points). You get ranked based on your 5 players total points and if you met the treshold, you are rewarded with card prizes or cash prizes (in ETH).

asdMy team was a Limited team, Barkas as Goalkeeper, Jansson as Defender, Boateng and Owusu as Midfielders and Robson as Forward.

Barkas(NG) - NG means No Game, this player's club wasnt played.

Robin Jansson (117p) - He scored over a 100 points because i picked him as my captain and he received +25% boost.

Owusu and Boateng (25+32) - These scores are pretty bad, but i still met the treshold.

Robson (72) - Scored a goal, decent points.

My reward was a TIER3 Limited card named Park Jo-Hoo, valued around 0.0012 ETH 


How to start?

You can even start playing SoRare without investing money in it, there is even a F2P option where you can still win rewards that you can sell for ETH.

If you are interested in it, click on the link, start playing and you receive 10 free starter cards to kick off your journey. If you decide to invest in, after you buy 5 cards from the auction market, you receive 1 extra Limited card for free!

Claim your 10 Free cards



Stay tuned for Issue #2 of SoRare 



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