Road to a passive income #2

On the next step of my journey, I was looking for something that could help me use the crypto I was earning via Celsius to spent in real life. You have many ways of doing this, like just selling your crypto and withdrawing the money to your bank, but this just wasn't that much fun and would take quite some time. I myself live in Europe and can you SEPA transfers, but they still take about a day to go through. 

So after some looking around I stumbled upon the company, they offer an earning program that's quite similar to Celsius, but instead of your deposit being free to withdraw you would have locked your deposit for a certain amount of time to get the most benefits out of it. But they also offer a debit card, that's made out of metal and looks amazing, which could help me spent the crypto I earn in real life AMAZING!

To be able to apply for a card you need to stake a certain amount of their crypto(CRO), and the amount of CRO you stake will determine what tier of card you can get. Every their has their own benefits, for example, Cashback, Rebait for Spotify and Netflix and also if you are a big investor you could get Private and get a higher level of support.

On to the next stop!

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Road to a passive income
Road to a passive income

This blog is about me exploring the possible ways to generate a passive income using mostly crypto

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