Road To 100k BFG - Episode #6 - 7.5k And Beyond!!!

Welcome to the "Road To 100k BFG" this is a journey with me on my way to go from 0 BFG tokens to 100,000 BFG tokens on the <a href="">BetFury</a> site. (they give free crypto from the faucet to get you started!).

The idea is simple, I want to collect 100,000 BFG without spending much at all. Using the faucet and other methods of earning free crypto will help me on my journey. And if you want to start your own journey to 100,000 BFG then you can simply do what I'm doing and you'll get there for sure.... well with some dedication and a bit of time!

Currently we're sat on 7,450 BFG which is a whopping increase of 50% since my last post. But here are the stats:

**BFG Balance: 7463**
**Increase since last post: 50% (approx)**
**Percentage Complete: 7.463%**


<h2>Tips For Earning & Wagering / Mining BFG</h2>
Each post I will bring you a way to earn some crypto which you can deposit to <a href="">BetFury</a> to help you wager and mine more BFG. Each method listed will work and have been personally tested prior to me posting about it. So without further ado...

<a href="">Cointiply</a> is a crypto earning site that has many ways to earn. You can collect from the surveys, ptc ads, rain pool, and faucet. With a little time invested here you can earn easily over $10 in a couple of hours which can then be withdrawn. (we've got an automated method for this which we'll explain more in another post).

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Road To 1m BFG Token BetFury
Road To 1m BFG Token BetFury

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