Episode #2 - Road To 1m BFG - Mining Through Wagering + Free Crypto For Gambling


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Episode #2 - The Road To 1m BFG

Today has been rather slow for me doing some work offline and having to nip out has slowed down my progress a little. I am currently sat on around +50 BFG for the day which is well under my target for hitting 1m, but it's a little extra to the cause and we're still building those divs (BetFury pay dividends based on your holdings of their token BFG which you get for wagering).
I'm hoping to increase my BFG by around 250 to 500 per day over the next few months as this will help me to attain enough dividends to enable me to play from the dividends only.

My level is currently Novice and I'm 80% towards level 2 where I will receive doubled cashback from 2% to 4% which will dramatically increase the amount I receive back from my net losses over the previous 3 day period (they payout every 3 days). This will then enable me to wager through more of my cashback to mine more BFG and at this point I expect to see my BFG increasing daily at a good rate. The next level after this will pay 6% however it will take a lot longer to reach.

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Road To 1m BFG Token BetFury
Road To 1m BFG Token BetFury

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