Defi, future or big bubble bursting

Defi, future or big bubble bursting

Good morning in the next post we will discuss the Defi if they are a big bubble or have substance and future


A few months ago, in a very short time, Defi decentralized finance began. Uniswap had been in its project for years but without major popularity from the community, everything started when SushiSwap proposed to the liquidity providers a benefit for using their pool




For me, the Defi are not a bubble because it is well known that in the future exchangues will not exist and it is a practical method pending ethereum 2.0 to decentralize the exchange model in communities and not in companies, also if it manages to work well alone With a Swap from your mobile phone you can exchange tokens or currencies the critical error that there is is that the rates in Ethereum are too high, we still hope they solve it


You have to observe how the future is presenting itself to choose well


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