I cant have my funds in Coinbase Account

By Rin30 | Rin30 | 29 Mar 2021

  • This morning is kinda bad for me. I saw that my coinbase account is in closing progress. I don't know why they are going to close my account. I did everything just to have my funds but sad that I can't. I felt so broken because I save that money for my baby. It was my earnings in noise. cash. I haven't slept for nights just to earn those and then it happened. df679e6d621f0d81cb0696575b669c50eaa4881e40b8eabf17642e417faa306d.jpgf4d06c6cb1703fa411cb88c54400c02dc36ab47bb509a3192f41d0e8a4952da5.jpg

I don't know what to do anymore. Maybe it was really a mistake to put my earnings there.  How can I have my funds? I already message them through email but still no work. It said that I should transfer my ANKR to other wallet but said it was below the minimum number. I have ANKR there because I tried to trade my BCH into it hoping my money will gain. But this morning makes me sad really. 

I am planning to withdraw my earnings this coming April 6,2021 because it is my baby's 7th month and I need to buy goods for him. But how can I when I can't even withdraw my earnings nor transfer and trade because it was closed. How I wish it was all just a dream. All my efforts were gone because of it. I felt so broken. Where can I find another money for my baby, I think I need to work again double time in noise cash. I am also hoping that I can earn here before my baby's 7th month. 

Sad that I experienced this in this time of pandemic. Badly needed financial and yet this happen.


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