A friend you can lean on.

By Rin30 | Rin30 | 30 Mar 2021

  • "You're not okay!"

    "I'm fine, really "

    She told me with puff eyes. How can I believe her when her eyes tell it most?

    "I'm here. You know I won't judge."

    She just smiles and says "Am I ugly? Am I not worthy? Am I not enough?"


    "Hi!" I approached her with a wide smile.

    "Hello." She said with a shy smile and look around if I am referring to her.

    "I'm Rin. What's your name?" I smiled and be friendly.

    "I'm Mira." She's really shy, she even blushes.

    "Nice to meet you. Can we be friends?" Stretch my hands to her for a shaking hand.

    "Of course." And she accepts my handshake.

    It was our first day as friends. I'm a second-year high school while she's a freshman. Though we're not classmates still we manage to give time to each other. Our friendship gets stronger as the day pass. We shared our likes and dislikes. We share secrets and we trust each other.


    "I think we need to have a call sign." She said.

    "Call sign? Like bestie, best, or BFF?"

    "Yes, I like it to be 'BHEST' with H."

    "Call!" With a wide smile on my face.


    "Bhest?" I approached her.

    "Bhest." She smiled but I can see in her eyes that she's bothered.

    "What's wrong? You seem sad."

    "Nothing Best, it's just a little misunderstanding."

    "Are you sure?"

    "Ahm, you know Ivan?"

    "Ivan? Who's he? I don't know him."

    "He courted me."

    "And then?"

    " I want to say yes."

    "So, what's the problem? You like him. As long as he's kind and gentleman, no problem at all. But, why you look sad?"

    "She still have a girlfriend."

    "What?" My eyeballs almost fell. What kind of man is he? "Why did he court you if he still have a girlfriend?"

    "He said that their relationship is not getting smooth as it is. That the girl don't have time for him and everything."

    "But still, it's not a GOOD reason to court you. If he likes you, then he should tell his girlfriend first. He must be single first. Don't say yes to that kind of man. He'll just hurt you, trust me."

    "Are you sure?" She doubts of what I said.

    " Yes, I am. "

    "Owws?" She laugh at me like I'm kidding.

    "Why? Am I wrong? It just that, no good guy will court other girl because of such reason bhest. It's still cheating. They should talk first. Yeah, I know you like him. But please, don't rush. Know him first." I said it with final state.

    "Wow, you seems know everything though you don't have a boyfriend." She laugh again.

    "Is that a complement?" I response with sarcasm in my voice and we both laugh. "Really, I'm serious. I don't want you to be hurt at the end. But still, I respect what ever your decision is."

    "Thank you bhest." She hugged me tight.


    "So, any news update? All ears here."

    "Bhest we're officially in a relationship."


    "Yes, I'm sorry, I did not tell you before time. I got busy because of our exam and I know you too." She explained.

    "Ohh, don't be best friend. It's fine. So you are officially gf and bf huh. How about the girl?"

    "He said, they already broke up."

    "Did you made it sure? Investigate bhest."

    "Like nbi?" And she laughs.

    "Yes, like NBI."

    "I did."

    "Well, that's good. So, how are you both?"

    "We're fine, we're in love and happy." I saw how happy she is. It's the first time I saw her so happy because of a guy.

    "I'm happy for you bhest. I hope he will be trust worthy and loyal to you. I pray to God that he will not hurt you." I sincerely said.

    "Thank you bhest for always there for me." She hugged me while telling me those words. I don't know but I feel doubt with the guy.

    " Introduce me to him." I smile and hope she will.

    "Of course bhest."


    "Hi." He said while extending his hands to me.

    "So you're my best friend's boyfriend? Ivan right?." I look at my best friend beside him. She seems nervous, I want to laugh because of her face.

    "Yes. Any problem with that?" I look him in the eyes as I look at him and smile.

    "Of course not, nothing at all as long as your not hiding an agenda." I know, I know I just something. I saw him cringe of what I said.

    "What do you mean?" He ask confuse yet I know he's mad. He just not want to burst it out because my best friend is looking at us.

    "Nothing, it's just I heard something about you. Anyway, don't worry I won't judge especially if I don't know the person yet. And of course, you know how beautiful my best friend is, I hope you won't do anything stupid at all. It is known now a days, getting beautiful girl as their girl for fame and game. I do hope that my best friend will be spared from such. Are we clear?"

    "I'm serious about her and I prom--." I cut him of what he want to say.

    "Yeah, just do it not just to speak. Never hurt my best friend."


    "Bhest, I have to go. I have class a minute now. Take care. You know what's wrong and right , okay? See yah!". I hug her as I bid good bye.

    As I leave them, I don't know what I feel but I don't like the guy. But since I respect my best friend, I won't interfere and jus have it my own.


    Days past and I saw how happy she is. Telling me about their relationship. I've heard about his boyfriend but I don't know if I'll believe them or not because when my best friend talk about him, they seems so happy and that the guy can't do such.

    So, I just let them be. As long as my bhest is happy, I will not listen to rumors especially without me seeing it through my own eyes.


    One day.

    "Rin, come. I have something you need to see." Jaica rush on me and just held my hand and pull me out of our classroom.

    "What is it Jai?"I noticed we are getting far from our school and we ended up near the deck at the back of the school. And there, I saw 'him' with a girl. They're so happy while back hugging the girl. I started to walk but someone walk faster than me. She didn't saw me maybe. And there, I saw here slap Ivan. I did not expect her to do that. And after that, she saw me and run towards me. She held my hand and said "Let's go bhest."

    "Wait." I let go from her grip and I walk towards them, Ivan and the girl. I saw the girl pale. Maybe because she knew me. I'm not a war freak but I can be as evil if they hurt everyone I cherish. I smirk at her and look at the guy.

    "Girl, you know me right? Don't be afraid cause I don't bite. Be afraid of what this man can do to you. Oh, scratch it, he is not a man but a boy. A boy who still wants to play childish act."

    "What did you say?" Ivan said and like to punch me as I saw his fist clinch.

    "You want to punch me? Go on. Coward chicken. I don't see anything special at you why my best friend likes you. Ohh, maybe because you know how to sugar coat your words. Cheater!"

    He raised his hand but before it hits me, I hit him in the face and his precious balls.

    "Maybe, just maybe you don't know me mister! I'm Rin, ask you girlfriend maybe she can tell you. Does it hurt? You deserves it , you cheater. Don't you ever show your face in front of me and my best friend. I might make your balls into scramble. "

    I went back to my best friend and drag her out there.


    I brought her to our favorite place, I bought her chocolate and ice cream. I saw her cry.

    "You're not okay, eat this. It will make you happy and forget that a**hole. "

    "Bhest, am I not enough? Am I ugly? Am I not trust worthy?"

    "Stop it Mira! You know that it's not true. All of that are opposite of what you are. It just that, there are many boys who likes playing the feelings of others."

    " Maybe, if I had listen you before. I will not end like this."

    "Stop thinking about it. At least we know already what he is. He's not worthy of your tears. So cheer up. You will still find the right guy. Just don't hurry."

    " Thank you for not judging me bhest."

    "Why should I? I'm not a judge!" I kid for her to laugh.

    "Thank you bhest."

    "Always remember, I'm here for you always. To listen and respect your decision without judging you. I'm just here, you can always lean on me."


    After that incident, my best friend gets aloof with guys. Everytime she have suitors, she always ask my permission and advise. She always decline their intentions. She focused on her studies and set aside the love life. She said she will be like me. She also studies taekwondo like me because she want to learn how to defend her self. But I know what really is the reason. I can't stop my self from laughing when she said the reason why she studied taekwondo.



    PS. As a friend, always remember to respect each decision. To be a friend, you should know the limit and never judge your friend when she made mistakes. You should be there when she needs your ear and shoulder. Lend your hand not the tongue which criticize when made wrong.

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