A shelter worker rests with an animal injured in the Ukraine war.

So, who's taking care of the animals?

By RightSide | RightSide | 3 Mar 2022

Amidst all the chaos in Ukraine, one thing that can almost end up last on many people's lists of important things is animal welfare.

It is difficult to imagine how a family must feel, having to abandon literally everything in the face of war, but that is what is happening in Ukraine, and as you might imagine, some families have even had to abandon their pets.

The trauma that these animals are enduring can barely be imagined. Their entire family having been forced to get up and leave, and through no fault of their own, feeling as though they have had no options but to leave the animals behind, but one thing is for sure, these animals need help as soon as possible.

There is a massive shortage of food for animals in Ukraine, and for the people working in these shelters, who may have hundreds of animals in their care, fleeing the violence is not an option. They are the people looking after the animals in Ukraine, that have been abandoned, by families desperately trying to flee.

There is no way of sugarcoating this; these animals will not survive without financial assistance from the people who can afford it.

Millions of people have been displaced, and the demand for animal welfare in Ukraine has never been higher, so today, I want to connect you with a list of charities, aiming to provide food, and medical needs to animals displaced in Ukraine, following its invasion by Russia. This list is not exhaustive, and I may add to it in the future, if needs be, but for now, this is where I will start.

Please, if you have anything to contribute at all, consider sending some to the following charities:

International Fund for Animal Welfare:

Network for animals:

Happy Paw Fund (helps more than 60 animal shelters in Ukraine):


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