Classgap as an alternative to generate income in Latin America!

By richardquo | richard_eng | 16 Oct 2020

Good morning everyone! This article has nothing to do with cryptos (warning!), But with a good alternative to generate income in Euros or Dollars.

As you know, in Argentina, it is increasingly difficult to access foreign currencies at an official exchange price, this is due to the stocks imposed by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA). This cap, added to taxes of almost 67%, depending on the private bank where we operate, means that it is not only limited to the purchase of dollars, but any foreign currency.

Now, to the point: if we are professionals and have a vocation in teaching, we can opt for school support platforms, yes! support!. Classgap has been attracting students and teachers (professionals) from almost every field. Not only the teachers of the classical subjects linked to the exact or soft sciences, but almost anyone.


Let me explain: if you are an electronics expert (engineer or technician), then create your own courses oriented to certain subjects, yes! That's right! This allows you to teach your students from the field where you are a professional.

Now, the pasta: in the "Payments" section for the moment it allows us to receive them by PayPal or bank transfer (only European Union), but I bet they will implement others in a short time.

Don't stop exploring classgap from its website or mobile app available.

Without further ado, we read!

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