I was wrong about Publish0x

I was wrong about Publish0x

By rhysmonkey | rhysmonkey on P0x | 26 Feb 2021

I am not a prolific writer on Publish0x (P0x). I am a regular reader and I happily take the maximum amount (80%) from tips I give out to earn some extra pocket money. I used to write on Hive semi-regularly - I now only write occasionally. In April last year I published a post that was critical of the quality of content on P0x and its business model. At the time I said that the content was inferior and the business model was not sustainable.


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Regarding the content, lots of good amateur writers have joined the P0x platform since then and I have seen a lot of improvement. Each day I find more than five posts a (the maximum amount of monetised tips allowed as a reader)that give me considerable value (there is an art to choosing quality posts to click on and read). The crypto content on P0x is at least as good as Hive’s. Two other things to note here, though - 1) a lot of regular contributors to P0x copy/paste their content to numerous crypto micropayment platforms, which I find annoying, so some of the authors’ posts I enjoy reading can also be found on Hive, P0x and possibly others such as read.cash, Uptrennd, etc; 2) leo.finance (which began as a ‘tribe’ on Steem) has surged in popularity but I just don’t ‘get’ Leo - I know a lot of folks have gone ‘balls-deep’ into Leo but I don’t get what’s so great about it and I would not say that the content on Leo.finance is any better than P0x.

Regarding the business model, on P0x there are three payment tokens. These rotate over time. Presumably the P0x platform forms partnerships with the payment tokens’ foundations for a period and at the end of that period they negotiate whether or not to continue. Currently, the three payment tokens are AMPL, FARM and ETH.

Free money - Woop!

In the past others have included BAT, DAI, Loopring, Hydro and Bounty0x. I assume that these foundations have a marketing budget and, with these partnerships, they get to test the waters to determine whether or not having their token on P0x is advantageous to their platform. As long as the P0x marketing team is proactive enough to have another payment token ready to go for when one relationship dissolves, I see no reason why this is not sustainable - I was wrong. Also, look at a new player on the crypto micropayment market - noise.cash. Their business model is similar, with one key difference. There is only one payment token (Bitcoin cash) and I don’t think that this a flexible relationship. It’s all or nothing. Once (or if?) the ‘faucet’ runs out, who knows what will happen?

Here is the kicker - this is what makes P0x a really good platform for consumers and authors. Look at the price of gas!!! It is through the roof. It costs crazy money to do anything. And yet, all the payment tokens on P0x are on Ethereum, and we pay NO GAS to receive payments. The P0x platform bears the cost. Of course, some users have expressed annoyance that P0x has had to adjust payments (frequency, minimum withdrawal amount, etc). These adjustments are totally understandable. They ensure that the business model for P0x is sustainable. Otherwise no-one would get anything. There would not be a platform as they would not be able to continue as a viable business. I am happy to wait longer earn the minimum amounts to withdraw if it means no gas payments. It is a no-brainer. Take a chill-pill if you’re raging about this. Please. Thank you.

P0x is OK. It has improved a great deal since April last year. The team are doing a great job. We are all lucky to be earning on this platform.

rhysmonkey on P0x
rhysmonkey on P0x

I write about *crypto assets* and other cool consumer trends. Long BTC, ETH, ATOM, RVN, ANT, Tesla, coffee. Short coal, oil, sugar. Currently obsessed with Axie Infinity. Interested in DAOs, DeFi, psychedelics, genome sequencing, meat alternatives and more!

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