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PipeFlare Big Update

By RHBW | Wide World of Stuff | 13 Oct 2021

Hey all! 

Today, I'm gonna discuss the faucet PipeFlare and what their big news could be. This faucet is a lesser know one but has some easy claiming systems in place. As with all faucets, you can claim bits of crypto every 24 hrs. Pipeflare will give you ZEC, DOGE, and their personal token Flare (FLR). The ZEC faucet is the best as it gives you a decent amount of ZEC which is deposited every few days. The DOGE one isn't amazing since you have to reach 1 DOGe for it to deposit to your wallet. The FLR faucet is interesting because as of right now you can't do anything with it besides stake it on PipeFlare or play games to earn more of it. They list that they are planning to list FLR on exchanges or DEXs. But I have been told that was told to people for a year now. 

That is why this big news announcement in 2 days, as of writing, is exciting to me. This could be the news of them finally putting FLR on exchanges! I'm really hoping this is the case as this could make this faucet more viable for users. As I said, the ZEC faucet is really the only good faucet they have. And yes you can do other things like play games for FLR, but with Rollercoin out there why do that? PipeFlare needs to tip the scales! 

Now I know not to get my hopes up. This news could just be the faucet hyping up a new game or feature. Maybe even a new faucet to use. A new game would be the last thing it needs right now so I hope it isn't that. Another faucet could be useful if it was like the ZEC one where I get my claims every few days. If it is like the DOGE one, that would bite. 

What do you guys think PipeFlare's news could be? Leave a comment! 

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