Wombat Meets pBTC

pBTC and Wombat/Womplay

By RHBW | Wide World of Stuff | 17 Sep 2021

Hello there!

As a fan of earning crypto for playing games, I am a constant user of Womplay. Womplay is a site where you play mobile or desktop games and earn wombucks. Those wombucks can be redeemed each week for EOS that is deposited into a wallet called Wombat. Wombat and Womplay are the same company, just Wombat being the wallet software. This site has earned me a few dollars in EOS just by playing and you can try it here.

Womplay has released a new feature where instead of EOS you can redeem Wombucks for pBTC. This token is pegged 1:1 to BTC but is wrapped to make it portable on any chain. This is where the "p" comes from in pBTC. I was excited for this change! If I can earn bits of BTC while playing games that would be amazing. I redeemed this week's Wombucks for pBTC but then ran into a problem. There is no way for me to exchange the pBTC for BTC! You are suppose to be able to exhange pBTC on the ptokens dapp by connecting your wallet. The problem is that the dapp doesn't let you connect to the Wombat wallet, which is where Womplay puts your tokens. I don't understand why Wombat/Womplay would add this feature but not make sure you can get BTC from it. 

Now, you can exchange pBTC for EOS in the Wombat wallet but that defeats the point. If I wanted EOS, I would just get EOS to begin with and not deal with pBTC. 

If any of you have used Wombat and exchanged your pBTC for BTC through the ptokens bridge, let me know! Thanks for reading! 



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