How to spot a Telegram Crypto Scam Bot

By RexyCrypto | Rexy Explores Crypto | 4 Oct 2020

Some tips before we begin:

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • If you need referrals to withdraw, then it’s either a Ponzi scheme or a plain old scam.
  • If you need to deposit in order to withdraw, it is a clear scam.

Method 1 - The Easiest Way!

Telegram has a nice little icon that appears next to scammers and scam bots that looks like [SCAM] , that will instantly tell you that the majority of Telegram users have reported that user or bot as a scam. So it’s best to steer clear from them.


Method 2 - Spotting the “obvious” signs

  • If you need to “invest” for daily returns, then it’s a Ponzi scheme, no matter what. 
  • Keep an eye on the English and grammar. Typically a business that is genuine has a pretty decent grasp on English, being a business language.
  • If the account/bot says Official, ie. Official Binance Support (or similar), check on the actual website for their actual support channels.
  • If the bot has a website, check it out. If there is a contact us, there should always be a phone number and business address. However, have extra scrutiny when the business location is in the UK and research the heck out of that location. Onten you will find it is a small building with 300+ “businesses” occupying it. This is a clear sign that the likelihood of the bot/business is a scam.
  • If the bot promises to double or even triple your deposit, STAY AWAY! There is no logical way that this is possible.
  • Always be scrutinous of any user/bot that promises “great returns” - ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH.


How to report a suspicious telegram account/bot

Telegram has a dedicated account for reports.
Simply send screenshots of the messages, including the name of the account/bot to @notoscam. If the username or bot username is hidden you can use the Forward function to send the message to the @notoscam account also.

If enough users report the bot/user then the SCAM tag will be applied to the account.

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