Ethereum price today: Why is Ethereum still a good choices?

By FPL Revolution | RevolutionBuddy | 22 Apr 2021

Ethereum has the best developer tooling it has the largest community and it should be backwards compatible when ethereum 2.0 comes out so if you have a development trajectory, you have a timeline, thats anywhere from a year to a year and half maybe two year which a lot of games sometimes do especially if youre  starting from scratch then you might want to just stick with ethereum wait for eth 2.0 but again that's really a personal choice.

      I agree the fees a just way too high right now but it still a good altcoin for invest. Ethereum is at its highest price since July 2018 it is up 43.9% this month and for now at prices $2,434.40 and Financial analyst predicts super big things will be happen to Ethereum in 2021.


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FPL Revolution
FPL Revolution

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