I Am Looking For A New Online Broker

By Drake Flyer | Revolution is Crypto | 18 Sep 2022

Hi everyone!

In this article, I will talk about broker options and will ask for your opinion as well.

A sum-sum

Nowadays, all major online brokers provide free stock and ETF trading, and many also provide free commissions on trading other asset classes. That is because the fees are hidden. What a surprise.

The finest trading platforms have transparent cheap fees and even a few controversial "gamification" techniques that encourage excessive trading. Additionally, they offer a wealth of investment possibilities, cutting-edge trading tools, first-rate customer support, robust mobile capabilities, and a wealth of readily available instructional materials on both powerful desktop and mobile platforms.

So how to hell choose a good one?

What is for me an absolute must:

1. It needs to be available for the EU.

2. It needs to have at least some back-up coverage in case of insolvency.

3. Fees that are acceptable.


But WAIT! I thought you are all-in crypto?

Although the majority of the money I invest goes into crypto, I still keep an eye on different stock/funds options. 

I have an open 20-year tax-free bank investing account, where I spend around 150 dollars every month automatically on several funds. 

I have been using eToro for several years as well, but now I want to move on from eToro. It simply does not feel good to me anymore.

I have heard about a dozen other online brokers, but I still can not decide on a good one.



Does anyone have any experience - especially with Interactive Brokers?

How do you rate this article?


Drake Flyer
Drake Flyer

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