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How Central Banks and CBDCs Could End Democracy

By Drake Flyer | Revolution is Crypto | 13 Aug 2022

I live in Europe, where, I would say, democracy is what I grew up with. Although the USA is the “most democratic” country (self-declared of course) – I am wary of how voting for just two possible parties, each under control by money from different sides, can be called democracy.

But hey – I see those planes and bombers and US-navy ships and I will, naturally, declare the USA to be the most democratic country as well!

Democracy Defined by Banks

In recent years, interest in the idea of ​​central bank digital currencies has increased. Similar to cash, central bank digital currencies are a form of money issued by central banks.

People work for money. People are controlled by money. People are controlled by the banks.

In each country, a central bank manages the local currency and monetary policy to ensure financial stability. Unlike cash, central bank digital currencies are designed to adapt national financial infrastructures to the changing needs of the economy and technology.

Maybe the word adapt is wrong. Perhaps total utter control or surveillance or big-brother type of thing would be more appropriate.

Led by international financial institutions such as the Bank for International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund, central banks study technologies, conduct experiments and create national economic scenarios.

You are not free now. You will be free even less. You do not live in a democracy now. Not only that, but you will not live in a democracy in the future. Maybe for the better – people are, well, not smart. Long live the banks! Not. Goodbye.

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Drake Flyer
Drake Flyer

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