Crypto Nowadays is Boring - Here are Some Jokes

By Drake Flyer | Revolution is Crypto | 5 Sep 2022

Most of these jokes I have picked up somewhere. 

Sorry to original authors. 

Mining BTC

How many miners does it take to change a light bulb?

A million.

One miner to change it, and 999,999 miners to run in circles to determine who gets to do it.


Privacy in Crypto is Dying


All the big coins are being bought and controlled by large funds. Completely regulated crypto is not what we want.


Always do your own research!

when your friend invest on your advice and it rugpulls the next day

When your friend invests on your advice and it rugpulls the next day.


The Pain When You Thought You Will Be Rich, But You Are Even Poorer



Have a nice Monday!

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Drake Flyer

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Revolution is Crypto

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