We all do love Doughnuts, I got the perfect one for you!

By theatdhe | Reviews! | 20 Apr 2021

Anyone who knows me, knows that I do have a few coins/tokens that I buy/hodl or trade and I do not experiment on every possible coin that exists out there.

For this I do have to blame @crystalhuman who hyped me to check out this new thing called Munch Token.

When I heard that the only way to buy it is in Uniswap...was the first thing that pushed me away! We all do hate high fees...and in Ethereum's Chain they are crazy high.

Who would 60$ for a transaction?
Well, let me tell you who...
Every crazy human being out there that knows the value that Munch holds. They just don't care about fees, they want MOAR.
And you get a lot because Munch has 100 Trillion total supply.
Well I suggest you to go grab a few until they are still at low price.

Why Munch is different?

Well where do I start?

As their Moto goes "...a decentralized system that distributes wealth where it needs to be." indeed, I'd call them kind of the best version of Robin Hood.
While Robin Hood stole from rich people and provide for poor people...munch doesn't steal, munch gives 1% of each transaction to a charity which is picked from the community at the beginning of each month.

Next, while Robin Hood leaves the rich guys just a bit so they can eat...Munch, even rewards you! Holders get 2% of each transaction.

Isn't this sweet enough?

I got more, but I'm afraid you'll get diabetes...

Until now Munch donated $331.554 or 153.21 Ethereum's. The best thing is that you can even check everything in the blockchain and see that you are helping for a good cause.

Getting rich and helping others! Something that wasn't real until now.

So I can sum up everything here...

This months charity that got picked was GiveWell. You can go search that up and see all the facts you need...

But I can't say bye if I don't show some charts... so let's see:


While the price is low and I can't refer to zones, we do see some serious pumps...all this considering the total supply of 100 Trillion.

If a few days old Token can have all this huge impact for such a short period of time, think what it can in the future.

Check out Munch!


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