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If you've been around HIVE for any time at all, you've heard of Splinterlands. And if you like playing games, this is the ultimate play-to-earn game. With the addition of their SPS token, Splinterlands is at a whole new level. I've been playing since January 2019 and mostly just for the fun of it with the hope that the cards I have earned will appreciate in value. The FREE airdrop of the new SPS token began 17 days ago and will continue daily for the remainder of the total 365 days.

Let's examine the opening image shown above of my own personal account. You can see that I have accumulated 6,021 SPS tokens for a current market value of $1,905.71 and that has happened in just 17 days. And this is no trumped-up paper figure that really isn't worth anything. Coin Market Cap shows the current value of the token at .3083 with a 24-hour trading volume of almost $4 MILLION! You can also see by the trading chart that after the initial spike and subsequent drop upon issue the token is holding steady around the 30 cent mark.


The other great thing about this token is the staking feature. What staking does is allow you to "stake" or lock your tokens and earn daily interest on them. The staking income percentage is showing currently at 277.70% APR. Try getting interest like that at your local bank! So far I have sold none of my tokens and have staked them all. In the 17 days this program has been in effect I have earned 330 SPS from staking rewards, which equals $101. Pretty fantastic return from FREE money.


You can see the activity on your account simply by pressing the activity button and choosing which token you wish to view. This is a partial list showing the airdrops, claims, and staking rewards I have received:


These airdrops are calculated based on a point system. You are credited for the amount of DEC (the internal game token of Splinterlands), the value of your card collection, and a few other miscellaneous items such as land ownership, titles, and champion points. The airdrop is scheduled to continue for 365 days (17 of which have passed) so you have plenty of time to start an account and get in on this bonanza. Of course, I've been playing for a while so it takes time to build up your account.

The value of cards has increased greatly over the past few months. PeakMonsters is a connected site that allows you to buy, sell, rent or lease cards. It will also show you the current market value of the cards that you have in your collection. The red circle below shows my card collection is valued at over $70,000 - can you believe that?? A few months ago it was sitting at $17,000. But now people are holding their cards and leasing them out to qualify for the airdrops.


So if you are a gamer (or even if just a crypo investor!) what are you waiting for? Playing the game is fun and the developers are constantly upgrading and changing things to keep it fun and interesting. You have a daily quest you can complete to earn free cards and DEC. There is a two-week season constantly ongoing. At the end of each season you earn free cards and DEC depending on your point score achievements. And every battle that you compete in and win you are awarded DEC. This is a shot showing both Battle reward and Quest rewards earned. It also shows some rental income I've received from leasing out a few of my cards. I don't have many cards leased because I prefer to play the game. But it's a great way to earn passive income if I should decide I don't want to play and would rather rent out my cards.


My current DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) balance is over 80,000 and every bit of that was earned by battles and rewards, not purchased by me. I've bought the majority of my cards using DEC I've earned, so my own cash investment in this game is minimal. DEC is tradeable for cash if that is your wish, but I keep mine and only spend them for cards within the game. But if I did decide to sell them Coin Market Cap shows they are worth over $400.


These features all show why I consider Splinterlands to be the ultimate Play To Earn game. For those of you reading this on Facebook or Twitter that are not familiar with HIVE or crytocurrency in general the game does not require you to have that knowledge. You can start an account with an email address and no prior knowledge of those things. If you'd like to open an account, please feel free to use my referral link and open your account HERE.


I'll be happy to answer any questions if I can be of assistance.



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