This Is The Best Way To Use An Old Desktop for Crypto - Beginners Guide
Oldschool crypto shiz.

This Is The Best Way To Use An Old Desktop for Crypto - Beginners Guide

What up crypto people. If you're as lucky as I am you might have a really old desktop or computer system somewhere just collecting dust and you'd like to turn that baby into a money making machine. In this article I'll highlight a few options.

Old School Shit.



Nobody wants an old desktop or laptop to go to waste. Especially when you could be doing something to get free crypto with it.

About two months ago I brushed the dust off a super old desktop that my family had for 14 years. It literally took close to 10 minutes to start up and load everything. So I said fuck that shit and formatted the whole thing and upgraded to Windows 10. I was going to use this thing for crypto and that was that. During my initial research there were very few articles online talking about re-purposing old computers to do crypto related tasks. So I did a fair amount of research again on what my options were.

Over the course of several weeks I tried many different ways and strategies to get different crypto mostly all involving some sort of mining or just simply letting something sit there and watching the rewards come up. I installed extensions, I downloaded apps, I folded protein, I ran command line scripts, and more than once I had to wait while the old clunky desktop restarted itself because of those fucking Windows 10 updates that seemed to be getting in my way.

I feel like this is in Russia...



So like I said there were basically four different options that I had to choose from in order to mine some crypto.


Mining Pools

I tried mining Monero through a pool which made me feel like a true hackz0r because the whole thing was done via the text terminal. But unfortunately the results were basically fucking nothing and not even worth keeping the desktop on. More out of frustration than anything because electricity costs seemed to show no difference here. I'm talking like more zeros behind the decimal than you'd feel comfortable saying you were making if you feel me.

Always wearing hoodie us hackers...



Another option I used was HoneyMiner. HoneyMiner is great because they have a 1,000 satoshi sign up bonus. But other than that they were shit. It might have worked better with a better computer obviously, but this article is about maximizing a shitty old computer. So HoneyMiner just didn't do it for me. I think I averaged around maybe 50 sats a day. My fucking cat can do better proof of work for more satoshis than that.

No hunny for Pooh


Banano Protein Folding

After those two strategies didn't work I thought I'd try something a little smaller in terms of coins to look at. I immediately thought of Banano because I've always been intrigued by their protein folding way of getting BAN rewards but was never able to participate because of my chromebook. Fucking chromebooks are the worst laptop to use for almost anything crypto that operated outside of a browser window. And also you don't get any BAT rewards with the clunky chromebook Brave browser so don't get a chromebook. Also Google bad decentralization good.

So I went into the realm of folding protein with Banano. I was pretty intrigued at the whole process and it seemed like a very cool decentralized way to accomplish scientific study type shit in a distributed manner. Cool. So after I set that up - thanks to the great tutorial written by @Mynima - I let it run for a few days. Well shit. I got less than 30 BAN for 48 hours of my computer just sitting there running everything. Needless to say, that is not the way to go.

this was not at all what it looked like...


CryptoTab Browser

And then I finally found the thing that worked. CryptoTab Browser. I have had CryptoTab for almost a full year now and used it very infrequently because that browser also doesn't work very well with a chromebook and it was getting me about 2 sats a day when I ran it on the background of my phone this time last year. My lambo will be an origami napkin.

I paid good Canadian Dollars last summer for like 60 fucking CryptoTab referrals - what I did was I paid to get x number of pop-up ads to a certain demographic. I got 10,000 unique views and I got 60 people to sign up. Oh hell yeah. And from those 60 people? 3 of them were active miners. And of those three people, how many stayed active for more than 2 weeks? Fucking zero baby. Not a fucking one of them.

But anyways, with this new/old ass desktop I thought just running the CryptoTab browser might be the best way to go about it. So I installed the browser did all my shit and got it set up. No scientific contribution, no hacker skills required, all I did was download the browser, log in, and press start. Easy as shit. But did it actually do anything worth while? Jeez Publish0x I'm so glad you asked. Well, not fucking really but also yeah sorta kinda.

Thanks Mom!

Just look at that beast compared to my chromebook eh.


That desktop has been running CryptoTab Browser now for little over a full month 24/7 - with the exception of those pesky Windows 10 updates - and I average about 1,000 sats per day. Fuck yeah. Now if only the folks over at HoneyMiner could see me now! 1,000 sats may sound like absolutely nothing, and it pretty much is to be honest. I almost felt so discouraged and frustrated at the fact that this behemoth of a desktop was only able to get 1,000 sats per day that I even turned it off for like a whole week because I didn't really see the point of it. But fuck that shit. If the desktop is just sitting there doing nothing, then why the hell shouldn't I be collecting mad stacks of 1,000 sats per day? That's fucking racks on racks baby!

If the prophecy is correct and Bitcoin eventually reaches $1,000,000 then my measly little stack of 1,000 sats a day all of the sudden turns into $10 per day. $10 per day motherfucker. Yeah. Maybe my lambo won't be an origami napkin afterall. Maybe it will be paper-mâché.

music and lyrics by Stewie Griffin.



So after all of the extensive experimentation I did and the countless hours spent running the numbers on kilowatt hours and basic mathematics that my non-existent 7-year-old niece was just taught in school last week I finally came up with the most profitable way to use an old desktop computer for getting cryptocurrency rewards. And it's name is CryptoTab.

Right now as a community probably 90% of the readers on Publish0x are using the Brave Browser. And the other 10% of you should be using it. BUT if by any chance you have an old computer sitting around collecting dust, why not have it collect bitcoin dust instead? The electricity cost of running an open CryptoTab Browser window on your computer is pretty much non-existent but for the speculative purposes of mining bitcoin it is the best option.

So for the foreseeable future I will continue to run this 14 year old desktop in my Mom's laundry room with the CryptoTab browser opened up and I will continue to see those satoshis rolling in. And if you are lucky enough to have an old desktop as well, you might be just lucky enough to have your Mom tell you when the browser isn't open and one of those FUCKING Windows 10 updates are taking your precious bitcoin reward potentials instead.

Thank you for reading, and stack those fucking sats boys and girls. If you have any other suggestions then tell the algorithm what's up by letting me know in the comments. I also wanted to try HideoutTV and TV-TWO to see what kind of rewards I'd get from those. But nah, bitcoin baby!




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