SwiftDemand Protocol - Universal Basic Income Crypto with Value? [Review]

SwiftDemand Protocol - Universal Basic Income Crypto with Value? [Review]

What's up crypto people! I don't like to dilly dally so let's just get right into the meat and potatoes of the article. If you don't have enough time or care to read the entire thing here is a brief summary: SwiftDemand was/is an attempt to be an online universal basic income, you can passively receive their digital currency simply by signing up and claiming them at least once every 7 days, and even though it appears as if the project has been somewhat abandoned, you can still buy things on their online marketplace with the currency and also sell things of your own.





"SwiftDemand is currently a digital currency and will soon become a full cryptocurrency. In mid-2018 all Swifts on SwiftDemand will be transferred at a 1:1 ratio onto the new Swift blockchain."

I have been collecting Swifts for at least 6-8 months now and that quote has been on the homepage the whole time. Leading me to believe that the project might be abandoned.

The last commit to their github was also made in 2018 which could be another indicator. But at the very least I guess we will see Swift continue to operate until it hits their cap of 10 billion tokens issued.

SwiftDemand | Stats

Regardless of the above assumptions here is what SwiftDemand is all about.

Every person who signs up to Swift receives 100 Swifts per day. You have to collect these swifts at least once every 7 days. If you do not collect them during a 7 day period, your rewards will be put on pause essentially until you login and claim them. This is to prevent bots and people just playing the system.

So with that being said, every 7 days you can get 700 Swifts. As stated above, Swifts are not a cryptocurrency, they are a digital currency. The value of Swifts as of right now exist solely in their online store.

The Swift store is a marketplace that is purely community driven. You can put practically anything up for sale, and purchase almost anything, and all transactions are done using Swifts.

Today I made my first purchase. It was titled "My grandma's Dutch buttercake recipe." I live the gluten free life so I'm not even sure why I bought that when I could have just as easily bought "Sending Good thoughts to You," for a cool 5 Swifts. Fucking biggest regret of my life.

SwiftDemand | Dashboard


My Experience

I have been passively collecting Swifts for many months now and I have had absolutely no issues with the protocol. The design is fairly straight-forward and easy to use; literally all you do is sign in every 7 days to click "claim" and then you can visit the store anytime you want to buy or sell something. Super easy.

I just made my first purchase and it was very simple and easy to do. I'm going to try to make a gluten free version of grandma's Dutch buttercake.

Oh yeah baby.

On each item that is being sold in the store there is a star rating out of 5. This rating is given from other swift users who have purchased the product so it's like community feedback making it easy to determine what's a scam and what isn't. Grandma's cake is currently sitting at 4.5 stars. We'll see about that, granny.

Since I am an artist, I have just added my photo remixing service to the online store. The whole process was fairly easy but there are currently 78 pages of items for sale, so we'll see if anything ever happens hah.

EDIT: Since drafting this article last week my posting went live AND I got my first sale! I thoroughly enjoyed remixing a photo of someone who I've never seen and will never see again in my life. I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing honestly as I haven't been doing art pretty much at all since I got into crypto around this time last year. The girl in the photo below is the wonderfully beautiful Kailee Morgue.




SwiftDemand seems to me like it is a failed/forgotten project that continues to be used because it is more than just an attempt at a universal basic income cryptocurrency. If the project ever gets to that level, which I obviously hope that it will, it would sure be pretty damn cool because it could be a good way to help people who live in poverty.

The online store is pretty cool but nothing super special that stands out. You can buy/sell ebooks and things of that nature which might actually be quite beneficial to some people. And if your grandma has her own special recipe you want to share with the world this might be a welcome audience.

I will absolutely continue to collect my 700 Swifts every 7 days for the foreseeable future. I recommend that you do the same because of how simple and easy it is and because you can actually use the swifts that you are rewarded; which cannot be said for some mobile/online cryptos.




*Full Disclosure: This is a referral link. If you sign up via this link, it will not cost you anything - it will only benefit me slightly as the person who potentially introduced you to the app. Obviously it would be appreciated. Oh, and you'll get 500 swifts too.*


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