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Claim Free LTC

I discovered this faucet a few days ago and am pleased with the way it deposits coins directly into my faucetpay wallet as soon as I receive them on this site, which is every ten minutes. 

Every 10 minutes, you can claim up to 0.00005000 LTC. I'm going to give the readers the link to this site instead of writing a long and boring review because there's nothing on this site except a faucet. Also, there is a 50% referral commission, but don't worry, the site will not cut your coins to give me anything.

You simply enter your faucetpay username in the slot where it asks for your username, and I believe it is not difficult to understand what you need to do if you are already used to receiving faucet claims. However, if anyone is unsure what to do, please leave a comment and I will explain.

Click here to follow the link.


Proof of direct received payments. 

Proof of direct payments in wallet

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Reviews of Online Paying Sites
Reviews of Online Paying Sites

My main goal here is to add all the sites that paid me and I was able to withdraw money from them. So any site you see mentioned here has already paid me at least once.

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