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WHAT'S "Pi Network" ?

  •  Pi network is a new cryptocurency and is exploited only on phones.
  • New digital coins do not consume CPU resources like other mining apps.6ce764755910d29d80e8eceb61c8398aff87d014ee7d6647e4f2bb5447d7f8c5.jpeg

 NO not selling ICOs, ITOs, IEOs or the like, of course, you don't lose any money.
Just keep earning as much as it's free.
You can invite people to join in, which will make the training speed faster so there will be more "Pi".
has the formula for "Pi".

The method of calculating the number of shared exploits is F x 25% x 0.39 Pi / h (F is the number of friends introduced)
The default is 1 x 25% x 0.39 = 0.49 Pi / h
So the greater the F number of Pi we claim per hour.
thank you for reading.

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my name is nguyen hong phi. I'm a boy , this year i am 26 years old. worked at a sanco trading company in vietnam now i have quit my job and moving to work online in the field of digital money.

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