Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto

Do you know there is a Masternode Index fund (MNI)?

We finally have a more stable and easy way to earn BTC.

Midas launched the first Masternode Index (MNI) that reduce volatility and earn BTC weekly.


The concept is simple,

Step 1: Input BTC to invest in MNI
(you would have invested in BTC + 4 selected Masternode)
- Midase-Sport BettingTELOS COINDivi Project. These projects are as they have shown long-term stability and significant ROI opportunities.

Step 2: Receive daily returns and rebalance monthly so that each Masternode will always be 20% each)

Step 3: BTC savings - Returns of the master nodes are converted to BTC in your wallet. 

Why is this good?

1. You can invest in 5 projects easily with BTC. Withdraw anytime. The current average return of the 5 projects is over 30% per annum. 

2. The 5 projects are rebalanced automatically to 20% for each masternode.  This reduces risk and increase returns. Let us say the return of Telos drop by half, the return of the projects will need to purchase more of Telos to maintain the 20%. Then on the next month, Telos price increase, and they will have to sell the Telos coins to maintain at 20%. This allows you to capture more profit and reduce risk. Averaging the cost of purchase and selling of coins when there is profit. 

3. Receive BTC weekly which is what all masternodes owners wish to have. 
Instead of manually doing it daily via the selling of coins receive on exchanges which takes time and effort. The rewards of the master nodes are automatically sold during rebalancing. 

We just sit tight and see our BTC grows. Thereafter, we can transfer the BTC to the BTC masternode where it gets 15% per annum returns or you can send it to any leading website for interest just to spread your risk in different platforms. 

This is how I calculate the potential return: assume $1000 base investment with $100 monthly investment. You will reach almost $50,000 with actual savings of about $13,000)

Usually, the return of 30% may drop after a few years, that is why I use 20%.

masternode index returns 10 yrs

(you can try to calculate at

The Upside: 

- If the projected increase in price over time, the return will be much higher than 30% because you will also have capital appreciation. Other than BTC, the other 4 masternodes are small cap coins. So the upside is high.  Personally, I feel that the upside is high because these are small-cap coin with a high upside.

The Risk: 

- Projects, including Midas, can go down for any reason. To mitigate this risk, I would say you may wish to take out a portion of the return and put it on a DeFi platform like Instadapp to reduce your risk. This reduces your return too as most DeFi platform provides interest less than Midas. 

Fees vs FREE

Midas will charge 5% as the fee for this service and charges 0.0002 BTC for withdrawal of BTC. 

However, if you stake 350 Midas coins, you get to use this service free. That means you do not have to pay the 5% fee for the MNI service. 

As of now, Midas is about $0.70, meaning it will cost about 350 Midas x $0.7= $245. You are staking the coins and you can sell it anytime if you do not wish to use this service. For me, I invest last year when Midas is less than $0.50, so there is a capital gain in Midas coin too.Midas has only 5,000,000 coins in total supply, and they are growing well. I expect Midas to grow well as they have been by far the most innovative platform.

Burn Out (optional)
Lifetime Passive income 

There is a burnout feature where you can grow with the platform too.  Invest 300 Midas to receive;

-  lifetime income whenever someone joins burns out. From the table below, you can see for each burnout, I receive over 0.33 Midas coins.

Midas Burnout

- So far, over about 12months months, I receive 246.65 which is about 82% of my initial investment. Soon the burnout will be pure passive income. Another benefit of the burnout is that you will receive airdrop (free tokens) from projects in Midas.

Burnout rewards

Use this link to sign up for Burnout feature and I will share 50% of the referral tokens with you. Just send me the screenshot of the burnout with the referral link and your Midas address to receive the tokens. 
: 1st Comics book about what life will be with the Blockchain Technology.  Do share with your friends. 


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Karen New wrote the 1st book on cryptocurrency, New Assets and Comic book on Blockchain - Wish I knew, in Singapore. She is also an adjunct lecturer at the Singapore FinTech Association on Crypto Literacy, and an Oxford alumnus.

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