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🔥 I can't stop refreshing Coinmarketcap and Coingecko!

By resiliencia | resiliencia | 20 Aug 2020


I think I am too involved lately that I can't take my eyes from the prices. Anybody else feels the same?
I can feel that the environment is preparing for the next bull run but I am not sure if it is going to happen. I am afraid to not take profits this time.

Last 2017 I learned the hard way that you have not won anything until you sold and take profits. I am really prepared this time to pull the trigger, but there is the other part of the story...
I don't want to take profits too soon!

I have wrote a couple of posts explaining that I am Dollar Cost Averaging to have a good entry price, I believe that when it is time to take profits I should do the same. I will probably decide a plan and stick with it no matter what.

It should be something like sell X % of my portfolio each Y days.


If you are familiar with a good strategy to take profits I would like to know your experience.

I remember the 2017 old days, they were crazy. Prices were moving 20-30% in few hours and I had a lot of friends asking for advice. This time, if any of my friend starts asking me again for cryptocurrencies I would know that is time to sell!

All this people that seem to ignore the space will come late and will get squeezed by the market. I will play the safe game and keep accumulating while I can.

Today I read a tweet that I enjoyed, it was after the Ethereum pump and it was something like this:

Do you think Ethereum is too expensive? It is almost 70% from All Time Highs!

And that's true.

I am not a huge fan of accumulating Ethereum at 450$ but each week I will get some BTC and ETH no matter what is the price.


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