Toxic Shock Syndrome Caused leg Amputation in Lauren?

Model Lauren Wasser faced another leg amputation surgery to toxic shock syndrome. Lauren Wasser first suffers from losing a limb in 2014 due to toxins from Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and had surgery. Then after few years, she discovered toxicity effects in another limb.

Lauren is known for raising her voice to aware other women, of what they are adding to their bodies. And how adding toxins to their bodies can affect their normal life, causing life-threatening conditions and limb amputations.


What is Toxic Shocked Syndrome:

It is a rare yet life-threatening condition complication that results due to the action of infectious bacteria. The bacteria involved in producing toxins is named S. aureus.

Toxic shock syndrome TSS can affect anyone including men, children but especially women suffering from post-menopause. Postmenopause is a condition that is a result of the cessation of the menstrual cycle in females.

TSS is a rare disorder but gets fatal quickly and causes various health hazards like leg amputation or death.


Causes of Toxic Shocked Syndrome:

The most common cause of TSS includes infection caused by S. aureus bacterium. Other bacterial causes could result due to streptococcus bacterium. Both these bacteria are present commonly on the skin, nose, and mouth but cause no harm. When this bacterium gets a chance to enter the body thus causing severe health hazards by damaging tissues and organs of the human body.

Following undertakings can be other main causes of TSS:

  • Using tampons, leaving them for a longer duration than recommended, and using super-absorbent tampons can cause amputated limbs.
  • Use of female barrier contraceptives.
  • Wound, burn, cut or rash on skin assist bacteria in entering the body thus causing more severe, long-term symptoms.
  • The use of nasal packing for the treatment of nose bleeding can cause TSS.
  • Conception or you can say parturition is an act of childbirth. And it can lead to the entering of bacteria into the body thus causing severe health hazards.
  • When using female barrier contraceptives, must follow instructions given by the manufacturer.
  • Having a throat infection that results from S. aureus and streptococcus bacterium can cause TSS.


Symptoms of toxic shock syndrome:

This syndrome has a wide range of syndromes, from acute to chronic, few of those are discussed here.

Low Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure lower than 80 mm Hg indicates low blood pressure. Low blood pressure in healthy individuals doesn’t affect them much. But in people suffering from bacterial infection, it can be dangerous or death-dealing.

Vomiting or Diarrhea:

They are common symptoms of humans. Mostly eating food containing bacteria or viruses and digestive system distress can be the reason for vomiting.

Sudden High fever:

Fever results due to infection caused by natural toxins, mycotoxins, and bacteria in living organisms. It is usually a sign showing that your body is trying too hard to fight against some ill effect or infection.


It is a condition when the body has uncontrolled or hyperactivity of nerve cells. Which results due to uncontrolled electrical signals by the brain resulting from bacterial infection.

Rash on Skin:

The rash resembles redness, tenderness, and skin burns on the skin of your hands and feet. Redness on the skin caused by rash, burn, wound or infection can be a sign of TSS. Infection or wounds on the skin let bacteria enter the body and cause severe health hazards. And the use of soap and warm water on wounded skin worsens its condition.


It is a mental condition when you are uncertain of happenings around you. You can have difficulty thinking about anything and making decisions.

Difficulty Breathing:

It is a condition when you feel short of breath. Lung diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema could be the primary reason. Bacteria enter your lungs through the nasal tract and causes allergies and irritation resulting in difficulty in breathing

Muscle aches:

Most causes of muscle strain include injury and trauma resulting in sprain and strain. Overuse of muscles and bacterial infection results in muscle aches. After surgery of infected limb, using remaining limb and putting all body’s weight on it can cause muscle ache.


Complications of TSS:

In bad scenarios patients are required to go through surgery and taking care of residual limb becomes difficult. TSS progresses quickly in the body and leads to underlying medical complications.

  • Shock
  • renal failure
  • Death

When to Seek medical advice:

Toxic shock is a rare but fatal condition. To seek help from a professional or nearby doctor is the best option. Although you could have symptoms for multiple reasons contacting a doctor is necessary.

Discuss with your doctor about every symptom you feel. Inform your doctor, you are using a tampon or not, you had a skin wound or injury or not. And inform him if you have or had a skin infection such as a boil.


Preventing Toxic Shocked Syndrome:

Following solutions can help you reduce the risks of getting infected by S. aureus bacteria.

  • Avoid dry and tender skin, treat or fully cover wounds, cut, rashes on the skin to avoid entry of bacteria into the Skin.
  • Females are advised to use tampons with the lowest absorbency, during their period.
  • It is best to wash your hands thoroughly before and after inserting tampons.
  • The best possible way for females is to avoid using tampons and female contraceptive barriers if you had suffered from TSS before.
  • Using feminine hygiene products and wound healing medicines for rash and cuts is best to avoid TSS.


Final Thought:

The well-known phrase is Prevention is better than cure. You have numerous ways to prevent toxic shock syndrome. But the only possible treatment left after suffering from severe toxicity is, using an artificial limb.

It is best to seek medical help as it can assist you in avoiding severe symptoms. And taking accurate medicine will help you get rid of TSS at right time. After surgery of infected limb taking sessions from an occupational therapist can help a lot.

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