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Is Scalded Skin Syndrome Result of Toxins?

A study by “Annals of Internal medicine” showed that 98% of children and adults with weak immune systems plus defective renal systems can suffer from scalded skin syndrome.

Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome, SSSS is a lethal skin infection capable of inducing toxins in the skin. SSSS results due to toxin produced by Staphylococcus aureus in the skin. A bacterium that causes cutaneous and systemic infection mostly in babies. S. aureus can affect animals and humans and can also cause bullous impetigo.

A substance produced by staphylococcus bacterium is a toxin that causes blistering and peeling off outer layers of skin. The toxin gives rise to redness of the skin as if it has been burned by acid or hot liquid. Staphylococcal infection is most common in infants and children of the United States.


Causes of Scalded Skin Syndrome:

SSSS is also called Ritter’s disease- can affect healthy humans too. Most commonly found in babies and kids. “British Association of dermatologists” reported that 40% of humans carry S. aureus on their skin not knowing. But it causes infection in those with cracked or ruptured skin.

Toxin produce by this bacterium affects the most outer layer of skin called the epidermis most often if it has nikolsky sign. Then it enters other skin layers, and moves from superficial to deep layer, destroying the ability of skin cells to hold together. While its progression in the skin it produces poisonous substances in skin that result in blistering skin.

More severe health hazards result when bacteria enter the bloodstream somehow, through food or cracked skin. Because in this situation it can affect whole-body skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body. And largest organ of the body being infected by the bacterium is lethal.

People with a medical history of weak immune systems, renal problems, and renal failure are more prone to aureus bacterial infection. And fluid-filled blisters appear in the whole-body skin of such patients.


Symptoms of Scalded Skin Syndrome:

Fluid-filled blisters, redness, tenderness on the skin are initial symptoms. Further, sore appearance on baby skin casually near diaper area and around umbilical are symptoms of scalded skin. A physical exam is suggested in such situations. Other most commonly caused symptoms of scalded skin syndrome are:

Pink eye:

Infection and inflammation of the transparent membrane that surrounds the eyeball and eyelid results in pink eyes. It is characterized by redness of eyes and itching sensation with dusty sensation in one or both eyes.

A crust might form in one or both eyes during the night, which might not let you open your eyes easily in the morning. Causes of pink eyes include bacterial or virus infection, allergies, a foreign object in the eye. Chemical slash, pollens, and tear blocked duct (in infants only) could be other causes.

Pink eyes can further cause cold, respiratory infections such as sore throat.

S. Meningitis:

S. aureus causes meningitis in 1-9% of cases suffering from bacterial infection, associated with mortality rates of 14-77%. This condition results due to nervous illness, trauma, cellulitis, and diabetes mellitus.


Fever is the result of an infection caused by natural toxins, mycotoxins, and bacteria in living organisms. Temperature is not a disease. It is usually a sign showing that your body is trying hard to fight against some illness or infection.

In fever, your body temperature is higher than normal. And normal temperature value of the human body for average humans is 98.6-degrees F.


Fatigue is a term used to describe sleepy and drowsy feelings along with lack of energy, tiredness. Bacterial infection is caused by fatigue, along with mental health problems, lack of sleep, grief, and physical health issues are.

Cold and chills:

Chills normally occur after exposure to a cold environment. But bacterial or viral infection could be the treason behind chills due to fever. Taking a rest and drinking plenty of water can help you relieve the chill.


Short-term weakness results from overwork, stress, and lack of sleep accompanied by tiredness and loss of strength. Similarly, long-term weakness results due to bacterial or viral infection. So it could be a physical disorder or toxicity.

Lack of appetite:

Loss of appetite leads to excessive weight loss and ultimately, weakness. Loss of appetite can be the result of bacteria entering the body through the bloodstream. And in more severe conditions it can cause digestive disorders, cancer, menopause in women, and athlete triad cycle.


Treatment against Scalded Skin Syndrome:

After diagnosis, the first step is towards treatment, it includes supportive care and removal of infectious entities. The patient needs wound care similar to the care provided to thermal burns to cover S. aureus.

Eating nutraceuticals and detox food can help you with the removal of bacteria from the body fast.

Methicillin-resistant is commonly known as penicillin for the treatment of infection caused by S. produced toxin. Similar to other wonder drugs, methicillin provides its function by, inhibiting the wall of bacterial cells thus reducing their growth and reproduction.

Skin biopsy can be helpful if the patient is suffering from severe symptoms. Skin biopsy is methods use to remove damaged cells and abnormal tissues.


To Wrap it up:

The first step you need to take is to prevent contact with Staphylococcus bacteria. Cover your body especially wounded or cracked skin. If suffering from SSSS timely seeking medical assistance and treatment can help you recover fast.

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