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By Renampun | Renampun | 24 Sep 2019

At this time the development of technology and the internet continues to grow and has reached a sustainable stage, where everyone can use and even develop their own technology. In this modern era, computers are needed to complete a variety of tasks, ranging from easy to difficult and complex tasks. By relying on computers, humans can complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently. It is conceivable that without using a computer, it can take days or even months for a company to manage their files.

But lately due to the increasing number of tasks assigned to computers, individuals and companies have begun to rely on computer networks or rather "Cloud Computing Network". By relying on this network, they can save costs, efficiency, speed, and even productivity. With the help of cloud computing, a company can complete various tasks quickly and at affordable prices. Therefore, many global companies have begun to use cloud computing as their "partner".

> Introducing HiveNet

Speaking of cloud computing, there is one service that is quite interesting to discuss, that is HiveNet.

HiveNet is a Distributed Cloud Computing Network, which connects computers all around the world to perform valuable computing tasks. You as a user can use HiveNet for various things, for example, scientific research, weather forecasts, and big data analysis. And you as a computer owner can make your computer as an opportunity to get additional income.

Maybe you have heard big names in the cloud computing industry, for example, Amazon (AWS), Google (GCP), Microsoft (Azure) and Alibaba (Alibaba Cloud). They are players who have been in this business for a long time and already have millions of customers throughout the world. But what distinguishes HiveNet from these big players? here are the reasons why to choose HiveNet;

  • As a computer owner, you can get additional income.

How long do you usually use your computer? 5 hours? 8 hours? there will be times when your computer is not used for a long time, for example when you are sleeping or traveling. HiveNet allows you to make money while you sleep, by delivering several tasks to your computer. All that is needed is a computer and an internet connection.

  • HiveNet services are cheaper than popular cloud computing platforms.

Many cloud computing services currently charge quite expensive fees to their users. However, HiveNet is different, besides offering expensive fees to users, HiveNet offers lower prices than competitors. This is possible because HiveNet uses resources from users, without the need to buy and maintain their equipment. This is what makes the price of HiveNet services cheaper than competitors.

  • Offering its own cryptocurrency - HiveCoin - suitable as a long-term investment.

This is what makes HiveNet "slightly" different than similar platforms. HiveNet offers its cryptocurrency, HiveCoin. By utilizing this cryptocurrency, HiveNet can form an ecosystem that makes HiveCoin a "fuel" that supports the operation of the platform. HiveNet uses HiveCoin to pay computing power within the HiveNet, which can be exchanged by users on an exchange or they can save it as an investment.

  • Environment-friendly service.

As explained earlier, HiveNet utilizes computers that are available on the HiveNet network. With this, HiveNet does not need to buy a computer or use a large power source. So operational HiveNet has fewer resources used and less electronic garbage is created.

This is what is currently being developed by HiveNet, an ecosystem that connects computers from around the world and makes it a reliable cloud computing.

> HiveNet is not a half-baked business

HiveNet was developed by professionals who are experienced and know the ins and outs of this industry. The HiveNet team has considered how HiveNet operations can compete with players in the cloud computing industry. Everything is designed in such a way and has considered various kinds of worst possibilities.

For now, HiveNet is competing by highlighting services with high-cost efficiency, where some popular cloud computing services do not provide this. But besides that, HiveNet still considers decent profit for individual computer providers, so that both parties can still benefit.

HiveNet also considers the user experience by adding several features which will make it easier for users to navigate. By prioritizing user experience, HiveNet can attract many people to use HiveNet services and also provide comfort and convenience to users.

HiveNet has released a prototype that can be used on several types of Windows and macOS computers. This prototype contains several features such as providers are rewarded with test coins, tasks are decentrally computed on provider computers and others.

> Token Info

Pre-Sale start: 24th September 2019
Pre-Sale end: with start of Public Sale (planned for November 2019)
HiveNet Token (HNT) base price: 0.08 USD
discount for early birds: up to 25 % depending on the time of purchase
minimum purchase amount during Pre-Sale: 10,000 USD

how to participate in Pre-Sale

Get whitelisted by registering HERE!

> Roadmap





Today many modern platforms are starting to use cloud computing as their partner to complete various tasks. But to use cloud computing services now is quite expensive and very difficult for ordinary users to use it.

HiveNet is a cloud computing service that is affordable and makes it easy for people to use their computers to make money. HiveNet uses distributed computer networks to perform valuable computing tasks, such as data analysis, weather forecasts, etc. By utilizing available computers, HiveNet has succeeded in providing cloud computing services that are cheap, efficient, and eco-friendly. Participants will be rewarded with HiveCoin which they can exchange easily. This is the next generation of cloud computing.






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