Ren Ecosystem Update

Ren Ecosystem Update

By Ren Protocol | Ren Project Blog | 1 Feb 2021

Welcome to the first Ren Ecosystem Update of 2021! RenVM’s first month in 2021 is off to a good start, with over 2.3 billion in total volume to date. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

RenVM to Utilize Asylo for Economic Scaling

Over the last few months, Ren has been researching and building on Asylo, an open and flexible framework by Google. Google Cloud’s confidential computing relaxes RenVM’s economic constraints, allowing for an unbounded scaling solution.

This is an important technical development for RenVM’s scalability, so check it out here.

Dogecoin on Ethereum | OpenDAO Integrates RenJS to Bring Dogecoin to Ethereum

Users can now mint $renDOGE with $DOGE on OpenDAO’s dApp and use it within DeFi, as with any other ERC20. Learn more here.

Mint $renDOGE with $DOGE, here.

RenVM Surpasses Two Billion in Total Volume

This last month RenVM surpassed 2.3 billion USD in total volume, along with over 3.2 million USD paid out in $BTC and others to network participants. Check out all the recent RenVM stats here.

New Community Built Websites

As you know, the Ren Community is one of the best in the land, and this couldn't be more apparent with the release of two new community-built websites.

A big thanks to the mysterious Dark Noah for and our very own Ren ambassador Cpt.Rektbeard for!

RenVM enables the permissionless exchange of value between blockchains - bringing interoperability to DeFi.

Ren - Liquidity Unchained

Access tokens from any blockchain using your existing smart contracts without having to worry about wrapping or…

New Ren Alliance Members

#RenExplained Campaign

The Ren Explainer video is another great community effort by our very own Jamlog, CptRektbeard, and DeFi Frog that was recently released to educate the larger public on what RenVM is and how it can benefit the space. For more infographics and #RenExaplined content, follow $hilliam $hakespeareCptRektbeard, and DeFi Frog on Twitter.

Ren Ecosystem Advocating 🗳

With governance taking center stage and informing DeFi’s pathway forward, community advocates for RenVM and Ren based assets have never been more important. If you want to help RenVM gain adoption, here are a few pending discussions to get involved in.

Team Interviews

CTO x Pillar Wallet

Current RenVM Network Stats

Total Volume Transacted (TVT): $2,314,249,385.04
Total Volume Locked (TVL): $503,155,728.28
Darknodes: 1,713
REN Locked: 171,300,000 REN
*As of 11:00 AM EST, January 27th| Source

More RenVM Statistics can be found here:

Community Member of the Month

Cpt.Rektbeard | Our favorite Austrian and a long time Ren Ambassador! It goes without saying but Cpt.Rektbeard has chosen the Ren Life and is now a PERMANENT member of fRens. He also just released one of the coolest Ren Community sites in existence today, so we couldn't be more thankful for his dedication and continued service in the name of Ren!

Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter:


Ren Protocol
Ren Protocol

Ren is an open protocol that enables the permissionless and private transfer of value between any blockchain.

Ren Project Blog
Ren Project Blog

Ren is an open protocol that enables the permissionless and private transfer of value between any blockchain.

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