woeful wizards attempt at time and space manipulation/and the resulting chaos it will bring


Dr strange and Harry Potter have a magic object they use to peer into time and space.

Rank amateur's.

Current theory behind crv is that a person can view past and present events with no problem but future events have mutability so its harder to view the farther you look .

Current testing on an 8 to 12 hr. future outbound view shows that the time difference and mutability is not a problem for that short of time. Further testing on coins and tokens and the prices will need to be tested out to a year or two. This will bring up the age old question of how do we practice looking forward and backwards at will.

The discord that I have set up has targets that I have picked out, the targets have parameters I am looking for so one of the parameters is time. The thing about this is.

If it is a target that has been there for ages/nothing will be seen differently when the time parameter is met. i.e.

view x number of minutes /hours before

view x number of minutes hours during

view x number of minutes /hours after.

Basically this will create 3 separate views and triple the data plus it will provide redundancy to the view.   A historical target ,depending on location, has definite seasonal variations .

But if the past is looked far enough back ,there is the chance to see a lot of very interesting stuff that will be noted by the viewer and help describe the attributes of the target.

I am convinced that treating every target to time as a function and doing 3 separate views ,will allow the brain to adjust its look accordingly. By saying and writing the before, during and after for each view ,this will ingrain that aspect into viewing and make it easier to future view on demand .

As far as outbound goes, a future outbound is a lot easier than I thought but it doesn't allow feedback until later so it is actually a crv in progress.

By doing timed gaps to look on a future outbound it also allows the notes to be revisited per time slot I.e. a something of interest was seen at 10 minute past. That way it creates a fixed point in time to really wrap the brain around the target. As the view progresses in time and each time increment is documented ,a real nice outbound view will be built and can be revisited by others.

  With a wave of my tinfoil hat and a mighty SNAP of my suspenders. I will retreat to my comfy couch and try .


Succeed in my newest endeavor. .

Learning to outbound 100 percent successfully

or at least 85 percent .I am ok w variations in the universe that wont comply.

It just adds fun to the view.    

Momentum temporis est perpetuum in historia, futurum est historia exspectans ut sit momentum in tempore.

  A moment is time is forever in history, the future is history waiting to be a moment in time.

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remote viewing/fun and adventure
remote viewing/fun and adventure

a short description of the fun i am having setting up a remote viewing company. the trials and troubles of a wannabe wizard and his unruly assistants

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