uaps bigfoot and wandering wizards research into the use of digital wallets for buying and selling of goods thru time and space

Digital Wallets

coins and tokens

If bigfoot reached out and said,Hey,just looking for a widget to go on my dashboard as i cruise the cosmic realm in my speedster type 4

Which wallet would he have to use?

If I wanted to buy and sell on the cosmic market,

which I do, 

my choices for a wallet would include anything that allows for ease of off ramping funds to a suitable exchange to allow for buying and trading of goods.


I have seen very few actual easy to use wallets that allow painless cheap transactions.

Amazon wont take USDT

eBay wont take Stellar lumens

Unless I go to Argentina where the bitcoin has gained a foothold, it does seem very hard to merge an off world market with an on planet source for funds


 the cost is a huge variable.

Currently ,trading on stellarx is very inexpensive and I do it frequently,I just haven't found a cheap offramp for it to buy goods

Meta mask doesn't seem to be terribly expensive to use for digital coin transfers but its way more than stellar.

Coinbase is my current and only way to offramp to an account.

its slow,tedious andexpensive 

All these things will kill the exchange of goods quickly if a market was to develop.

Its my hope that a system can be devised for off world people and entities to gain access thru an easy to use and well thought out plan to allow common folk to access their market of goods and services.

Maybe when the information is released and the full coverup is gone ,

a new market will emerge that will benefit mankind and allow him to access the stars.


blandus magus spectat ad caelum noctis et videt eius vere magnum locum


a winsome wizard looks to the night sky and sees that its a really big place.

Side note

The taxes for the government will be paid in an actual transfer of goods and materials so if anyone is wondering if this can be done,

there are taxes to be gathered and governments will make it happen come hell or high water.






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remote viewing/fun and adventure
remote viewing/fun and adventure

a short description of the fun i am having setting up a remote viewing company. the trials and troubles of a wannabe wizard and his unruly assistants

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