sport bets and helping hero's/woeful wizard attempt to make money

In a perfect world ,life is easy and there are no challenges to kill you .

all bets pay off and no one loses.

Thankfully ,life is full of little surprises like bills ,taxes and Australia .

The fabulous land down under where even the cute and cuddly koala will rip your face off and there is a spider waiting to jump in your shoe the minute you take it off.

If I had the money ,and the desire to risk death every time I took my shoes off,That would be a most interesting place to visit.

my remote viewing skill could be put to the test just approaching the hotel door.Will I be attacked by a cute koala?

Is there a spider right outside my door?these are just a few things a viewer can practice looking at .

as far as sports betting goes. Australia is home to one of the most brutal sports known to man

As much as I want to make money on sports betting ,I have seen the horrors of what they call 


Nay fellow wizards, this is not the usual sport to remote view. This unholy conglomeration of crazed activities .mind-numbing bestial violence and ritualistic chanting

and that's just the extremely hot cheerleaders

Any remote viewer crazy enough to look into the future to view the actual game will be forever scarred and the psychic stain will endure forever.


on the flip side it is a very fast paced game and very enjoyable .

If I understood it

my attempts to fathom sports and sport betting has been a fiasco, utter failure, abject horror,kind of fun.

Since i am trying to do views of games I don't understand and bets that make no sense, the difficulty is extreme


I am looking at fire/search and rescue to make money.

its the job of these brave individuals to rescue the people who wander off the beaten path and are immediately ingested by some crazed bear or pygmy goat

Each foolish traveler who becomes stuck in sand that's not quick or falls off a waterfall while taking selfies will have to be rescued by our brave heroes who are paid to put up with them

Hopefully ,since my sports betting thing has gone awry ,i can locate or assist in the rescue of sad individuals ,even in Australia where tourists are probably disappearing as we speak due to that sneaky but cute and cuddly  koala.

Having done a few remote views on people I know, it would be simple to find the wandering  or lost

I am not sure how i can make money on this but it has to be easier than remote viewing a sports bet on  the worlds most violent sport. 


My days here are short and my beard is unkempt but my hopes are high that somewhere a wandering wizard of dubious skills can make a living 

on sports and search and rescue 

and maybe ,

just maybe,

make more than enough 

to actually go see these wonderous waterfalls with the falling tic tockers and the sport of unimaginable pain that looks interesting.


aranea calceamentum tuum melius est quam scorpius in haruspices hat

a spider in your shoe is better than a scorpion in your wizards hat



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remote viewing/fun and adventure
remote viewing/fun and adventure

a short description of the fun i am having setting up a remote viewing company. the trials and troubles of a wannabe wizard and his unruly assistants

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