remote view 2/breaking new ground with ideograms, skinny bob and a new way of trying to see what's going on in the world.


A down and dirty six pack of ideograms  i.e.   man made, natural ,energy wet or water ,surface ,structure and sentient.

Using these in the initial gestalt will assist in the brain to decode the signal line as it comes thru

Easier access to more and quicker information will allow for faster gestalts used farther down the line and hopefully a clearer view of a target.


This is where i have tried to make things weird.


Frontloading, I use this for my missing person views and my skinny bob trial.

Turns out ,skinny bob  aka a grey of unknown planet , was viewed many times and had many documented notes on such.

Just recently ,I Heard that skinny bob comes from a planet with a hive mind .As a wizard of ill repute and current in his explorations of Skyrim and other dungeons ,I will assume the hive mind is neither good or bad but will try to increase its gain in the foothold of the galaxy any way it can


naturally ,

I set up a view with the planetary mind with amazing results.

Over eager  imagination ,maybe.

Trying to force a view and see what i could find and made up results to make myself feel like I found something,


Total waste of time / no.


     1mutiple hits on ideogram / sentient, natural ,waters ,energy ,man made

     2 contact w a mind /possibly. 

     3 questions asked /answers given /simple yes no / non verbal but definitely yes/no.

      4a simple energy gathering device /probably bio mechanical/it was grown?

              a ferrite crystal thread wrapped around a central core  w traces of thorium hafnium barium and possibly element  115 

             that might be a mistype or an unknown because that is a manmade element .central core has a dielectric to allow the ferrite mix to transfer the                 power up the center. I am not an engineer but this was grown and spun and shown to be an energy source for the organic hive mind 

 I feel that i saw and felt the hive mind . it was possibly part of the planet or a crystalline or some form of organics diffused thru the crystal matrix 

I feel the ferrite energy gathering device was important during their ascension to sentience

its possible that skinny bob is not a hive mind sentient but an actual species that works with the hive mind .


The question was asked wether i could go and see their planet .the answer was no.

There is no way to prove or disprove the skinny bob saga and the case of the mysterious hivemind on a yellow semidry planet w large crystalline structures and fantastic energy gouts erupting all over the planet.

Cities built into the mountain side and deep into the planet 

as a certified and board trained dreamer and wizard of Cementous materials and such ,it will be my job 

nay ,

 my duty,

to find that bar and a particular bartender so well described by Larry Niven  and Douglas Adams.

If I happen to sit next to a sexy pile of sentient crystal 


I am ok with that. 

In the end of this, to all my devoted readers

I want info on the planet/the ferrite thing and skinny bob.

All info is welcome and appreciated.


A Veneficus semper assumere, quod tunc gradum ad alterum.


A wizard will always assume that his next step will lead to another.




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remote viewing/fun and adventure
remote viewing/fun and adventure

a short description of the fun i am having setting up a remote viewing company. the trials and troubles of a wannabe wizard and his unruly assistants

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