regular work and the need to expand horizons/winsome wizards real life reality


Getting the job done ,gallons of coffe,daily chores ,failing health,dealing with unexpected issues and mechanical failures



Its easy to not take on a challenge or not to learn new languages or computer skills.

Its a no brainer to not want to make life difficult by expanding responsibilities in your life and others


My easy butten is broken,

I like the abuse and self flagellation involved in trying to get people together and on the same track

its painful but necessary fun for all involved.

Currently I try to take time to learn as much as possible thru the websites and videos available for remote viewing and plan on taking several courses through Lori Williams or Scot Smith and have a much better idea on how to organize and present all the data.


trying to find an app builder or a website designer program that isn't confusing or user friendly is very tough.

trying to figure out how to monetize the website and app with any form of banking is a challenge and since I want to use digital tokens its 3 times harder

Its really easy to just say no.enough is enough, its too hard,i don't want to play anymore and I am taking my toys and going home.


I won't, I cant ,I have too much invested and have too many questions that need answering


I will spend every hour doubling down on my contractor work, make every effort to increase revenue stream with proper job choices and not going to home depot ,increase time on training and computer skills, increase revenue stream with merchandise and other forms of income from sales ,winning the lottery,getting my discord ironed out and making access easier for new people ,looking at app building from a professional ,getting website to be user friendly and have more links to the remote viewers .


I can do this.

I will do this.

Its amazing how easy it is in my mind.


in magica pars est facile ad veneficus artes dubius, in ipsa labore intensive quidem opus est valde

The magic part is easy for a wizard of dubious skills, the actual work is very labor intensive indeed






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remote viewing/fun and adventure
remote viewing/fun and adventure

a short description of the fun i am having setting up a remote viewing company. the trials and troubles of a wannabe wizard and his unruly assistants

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