Adventures in Investing Part 3- "I don't believe in Bitcoin"- (what my wife said)

As regular readers of this blog will know (yes, I think there are 3 may be 4 of you) my aim is to have invested enough to get 0.3 BTC by the end of the year. Typically I managed to invest a large (for me) sum of money just at the start of the dip and have been looking at the tumbling price wishing I had left it a few days later before buying.


As I am looking at this investment long term I am not too worried about the price going down- in fact I welcome it as it gives me more opportunity to increase my stake. The only problem being I don't really have any other spare cash lying around. I managed to scrape together a £100 to buy some a couple of days ago and then looked at my share portfolio. I only started it in January and so there isn't a great amount in it but there is a bit. I know it won't take me long (a few months) to get back to the same amount invested at the moment so I considered whether it was worth liquidating it and putting the money into buying the dip. 

I asked my wife what she thought and this is when she said "I don't believe in Bitcoin." I thought this was a strange thing to say so I asked her to elaborate and she said that she thought that it would be made illegal soon. Reading the news recently I know that both India and Turkey have taken steps to control the use of crypto currency by their citizens so I think this was more of a translation thing when she said she didn't believe in it (actually what she said was "我一直不太相信比特币" which translated to "I never really believed in Bitcoin."

I do think it is the future and still has great potential. After talking to her for a while she decided to give me her blessing but just said don't invest too much. I haven't told her about the other money I have put in.  For me, that was extra money I wasn't expecting and so in my mind doesn't factor into my calculations. I have therefore sold the shares and am waiting for the money to clear so I can increase my holding. It won't get me to 0.3 but it is another step in the right direction. In the meantime I will continue with all the other things I am doing to raise/earn money including the faucets, website and YouTube. I've tried to make the above into an NTF but not sure what I need to do next so will be looking into that next.

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