If You Want to Be a Winner!

By Teodor | Reitis Community Network | 20 Jan 2021

Just few words in my first article published on Leo Finance! Mainly written for the beginners, but not only.

I see people on the social platforms, including the good ones, which are those based on blockchain and those using cryptocurrencies for rewarding authors and commentators, complaining about many things, but a few of them go on and over all trials of life, thinking in a so called positive way, and taking actions to improve or even change their lives in better or the best way possible.

I remember how hard it was to do this before 2009, mainly in the financial field, which is one very important in our lives, even if I, personally, hate the money term, idea and philosophy!

Some years ago, I watched Romanian movie "Satra". Among some famous remarks, this one marked me: “Don't love money, they will deceive you. Don't love women, they will betray you. Of all the drinks, the sweetest is freedom! ”

My comment on this was: "I didn't love money and they still tricked me! I loved only one woman and she didn't betray me! I "drank" freedom, but it became bitter…" That's why I think we all live with this money paradox! I hate money but I need them, so I must like them!?

In 2009 I was in bankruptcy with one of my main companies, but still didn't know about Bitcoin. Then, in 2013 my wife told me about the new money, technology money, as she heard it on a TV show. Since then life was changed, things went better, even if I didn't get too rich in December 2017!

However, the era of struggling to beg at banks, learn Forex, stock markets, complicated market indices, etc., that era ended and the new adventure began! The blockchain technology and the crypto world with mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., then later staking, masternoding, etc.

So, If You Want to Be a Winner!

Do not waste your time on old media platforms, which are selling your data for their dirty earnings, do not complain about anything you find wrong on new tech platforms like this one, but try to find solutions and better learn to write, even if you will make some mistakes at the beginning, as I do now :) Continue to set a goal for your presence here, and the goal MUST be the Winning, not of your cryptos, this will come anyway one day, but be the Winner of Your Life and make your Family and your readers and commentators happy with your words and actions!

Doesn't really matters where do you live now, Bitcoin and blockchain technology don't care about your ugly government and wrong politicians! Make a plan for being a winner through this new gift that was send by God to us through this, unknown yet, Satoshi Nakamoto!

Bitcoin's price is too high? Don't worry, there are few thousands of more option and some are great projects (altcoins, asset backed coins, stablecoins, farming, staking, etc.) waiting for you to be involved and become a WINNER!

Look, I am not a teacher, but I am here to share with you my 40+ plus years of experience in finances, success, bankruptcies, bitcoin, blockchain, and more.

We have the right tools to do it, so let's all be Winners!

Reference: Free image by Peggy & Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay


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Strong Family man and Christian believer, entrepreneur involved in AI, Web3.0 apps development, and in crypto investment.

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