Boom Years and Bust Years in Real Estate Market

By Teodor | Circular Economy Projects | 27 May 2020

Boom and Boost is a rule I know it is applied to real estate market, and I wonder if it could be applied to crypto markets, too?! 

Being involved in real estate market and development I know people talk about "Boom Years" and "Bust Years" phenomenon. 

During what is called the “Boom Years” (explosive grow), all real estate developments plan to be sold on the open market and profits shared accordingly with the shareholders or token holders in, case of blockchain real estate platforms. 

During the so called “Bust Years” (recessions) all developments plan to be held and hold into the open rental market until market's recovery. During these periods rental profits aim to be shared with shareholders or token holders.  

The rationale behind the "Boom Years" and "Bust Years" strategy is to allow blockchain real estate projects and companies to develop and expand during all market cycles while the community permanently benefits from earnings from the token dividends and/or interest. This is a win-win situation for real estate owners and real estate token holders. 

We know that a recession is possible in 2020, and likely by the end of 2021; however, it won’t be caused by the real estate market this time, but possible by corona virus pandemic. However, the real estate market, if it will be affected, will only be on short to medium time (2020-2021), but not on long term.  Let's look if this boom/boost rule applies to crypto market. 

Crypto Market Boom & Bust

I wonder if this applies to crypto market?! Sometimes Bitcoin goes up and down like a rocket! 


However, being so volatile it is hard to say that crypto market can have these two great features and to help investors to predict and manage their investments. We have seen Bitcoin growing up to the value of $20,000 then dropping to very low... Maybe with stablecoins it is possible somehow to hold (or HODL:) for a while and try to manage your investments. However, the gains are very low in this possible use case. 

What do you think about BOOM and BOOST in the crypto market? 

This isn't an investment advice; do your own research before investing. 

Image source: Pixabay, with free commercial license. 

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