By Rehan | rehan | 9 Oct 2020

Today, I was having a sip of my chai (Tea) and I was thinking about some of the past incidents of mine. I noticed a smile popped up at the corner of my lips. So much has happened over the years and here I am sitting in front of my computer screen and writing about it. Even though it was a bumpy road but it was full of thrill and certain/uncertain activities over the period. Needles to say, I was also thinking about the how much COMPROMISES I made over the period and was it really worth it?



I do not know how far have I arrived? Nor am I aware if it is worth celebrating? But what I can say for certain is, I am happy with the improvements that I have made over the period. Of course there is always room for improvements to see a better yet productive results for the efforts of myself. The teachings of LIFE alone is worth much more than of any school or college itself.



The thing that I wanted, it did not want me! The place where I wanted to be, it did not allowed me to reach there! The life that I wanted, was something different that I am living right now! All of the above are true and legit facts. But even after all those, it does not mean I have not succeeded in attaining the position that I wanted. I may not have the life that some of my friends are LIVING. I may not have the luxuries some of my relatives are having. Even I may not have the riches to buy everything I want but I have the inner peace which is helping me to sleep at night without any sort of tension. I have a loving family, who cherish in any of my success and some shoulders who I can rely upon, if any rough situations comes up in my life. All the other things, I may as well pick up as I walk along the path of my life.


Learn to make compromises! Yes, it is a hard truth that I had to face in various situations. Some might as well say, WHY? Why, should I make compromises? Why should I leave a part of my integrity and let others control it? You may as well take different meanings out of it but all I am saying is, what is close to you, will eventually come at you no matter what. Your dedication, your effectiveness will decide whether you will get it or not. I see teenagers these days taking rough decisions based on some infatuations but in reality those will pass at some point in the coming days of theirs. I see people running after jobs which are not really meant for them but eventually ending up doing something else in their life. I also saw people making rough choices just because they were giving their ego more priority than the relation of theirs, which resulted getting separated from their loved ones. What I have noticed over the time, the more compromises you make, the more you gain. Probably, not instantly but eventually you will see the result of it.

Now I have witnessed my life this way, you might have it in completely different way. Our POV might not match at all and if it does then do leave a comment how you are dealing with such of these things at present time. I am open to discussion at all times. Regardless, have faith and be consistent and keep on going, no matter what! No giving up shall ever be considered. Everyone has their own road to cross. We all are living our life in our own hell and paradise, some people shares it and some does not. All the best to us all!

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