Dogecoin (DOGE) will hold the gains in the fourth quarter

Dogecoin (DOGE) will hold the gains in the fourth quarter

By Reginald Sinclare | Reginald | 23 Oct 2018

Dogecoin (DOGE) has had a fantastic year, in fact in the Q3 it was between 18 and sometimes at position 20. Investors have a keen eye on such coins and the question that most analysts have been asking is that is it most likely to hold the gains in the fourth quarter? What are some of prospects for DOGE in the fourth quarter?

The prospects of Dogecoin can only be determined by looking at some key issues about the coin such the price analysis and the market. One has to consider such issues in order to know the direction of Dogecoin in Q4.

If there is a coin that is widely used on the internet for sending value then its Dogecoin. The reason why this coin is widely used is because of its efficiency in transactions. With the high volumes of transactions that are taking place, Dogecoin’s value will continue to rise even in 2019.

It is also worth noting that Dogecoin has a decentralized system which makes the security of the system one of things that they really value. A lot of fraud has been witnessed all over the internet in the past months or so which has specifically affected centralized systems. With such measures in place, it is indeed another witness that Dogecoin will hold the gains in Q4 and beyond.

The number of exchanges that are listed on Dogecoin has drastically increased in the last few months seeing the likes of Coinbase and Robinhood jumping to the platform. This has increased the market sentiment drastically to a point that it attracted a lot of investors. These investors had the intention of pumping lots of cash in Doge. This has made the Doge community to grow hence it is most likely to perform well in the Q4 and 2019.

Technical analysis

The monthly charts clearly indicate a bullish signal from Dogecoin and this could be something positive that could be considered. Some analysts believe that this is the beginning of a long term bull run.

Dogecoin is showing some good results and investors can be able to notice that they will reap highly from their investment. Dogecoin is most likely to hit 187 Satoshis before the end of 2018. From the price analysis, it can be noted that this was the highest price level it managed to reach within the last 1 year.


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