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Una pequeña gran casa de todos - A great little house of all

Casa común 🌎 Common house

Decisiones van, decisiones vienen,

gente de diversos colores,

multitud de pensamientos,

fauna y flora que converge,

clima que resiste.


Necesario es ser humildes,

benéficos también,

por nuestra casa común,

cuidar y proteger,

nuestra premisa debe ser.


Decisions go, decisions come,

people of different colors,

multitude of thoughts,

fauna and flora that converge,

weather that resists.


It is necessary to be humble,

beneficial too,

for our common home,

care and protect,

our premise must be.

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Lover of nature, good words and beneficial technology. -Cryptocurrency

Reflexiones y Poesia (Reflections and poetry)
Reflexiones y Poesia (Reflections and poetry)

Un lugar para hacerte pensar, y darle un toque a esa maquina que todos llevamos dentro, llamada corazón. 💖 A place to make you think, and give a touch to that machine that we all carry inside, called the heart.

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