My whole world

What kind of feelings do you have
Tell me please what magic you use in me
I have no idea what plans to use to fall in love
I do my best to conquer you of the best
You are everything I want in my world

I find myself lost again when you're not with me
I dream in one night to be with you under all those stars
Declare everything I feel for you and finally be able
Show everything I have locked in my heart
Maybe you have someone better for you in the future

Here I am willing to fight for you every day
Because you are all I want for my world
Without you I could not contemplate another day
You are all I want for my universe
You're just the most beautiful girl in my world.

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Daniel Carrera
Daniel Carrera

A little about me, I like to travel, share my stories, write poetry, thoughtful topics and motivate the people around me in the world ...

Reflective Reading of Emotions and Poems
Reflective Reading of Emotions and Poems

You have found a place in the world where you can feel an identification of your emotions, of those that you expected to read, of what you would feel a personal motivation and even if it does not meet all those sentimental needs, I hope to give my best every day, to Leave you quality content.

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