Why Uhive is going to be a Major Social Media Game Changer: Social Universe with Virtual Reality now!

Why Uhive is going to be a Major Social Media Game Changer. (Now with VR!)

Hi, I'm new to Uhive & since discovering it a few days ago, over the weekend, I have been very impressed with it!

Especially, since it is actually still in Beta.

Now, I've tried to explain what Uhive is all about & found that the best way would be to show others what Uhive is.

Therefore, I've decided to create a video or two to introduce, show and walk-thru the app.

I hope you enjoy it! (I've shared it on YouTube and plan on posting it on LBRY soon.)

Why Uhive is a Major Social Media Game Changer | @deardanielim

In this video I will introduce you to uHive, show you what it looks like and share with you my thoughts on why I think that Uhive is going to be a super Social Media game-changer! Especially, since it is actually still in Beta!

Hi, I'm Dear Daniel, aka @deardanielim & I've only recently joined Uhive, ... & here is why you should too.

FYI: Early sign up rewards & bonuses are now available, but not for very much longer!

Download the Mobile App here: https://www.uhive.com/invite?c=9TJTD7

Remember to use this code: 9TJTD7

I would love to see you on Uhive as well.

It is going to be an amazing a New Social Universe!

In fact, it already has with over 140,000 users & more than 5 million posts.

See you in #VRSpace on the #Uhive #SocialUniverse! ... Did I mention you can explore in VR too?

Thank you for watching. Please feel free to Like, Follow, Subscribe, Share & Comment!

I shall be making more videos about cool BlockChain & Crypto related discoveries!

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๐Ÿ‘‰ https://www.uhive.com/m/98467282891


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