Real assets for short and long term investments

Blogger and reader advisory: This post could be felt a bit provocative. Read at your own risk.

Gold is a real physical asset (also silver) and they are money as the majority recognize them as value bearer.

Shares and bonds are real assets (except when the issuer gets down to default).

Real estate (houses, buildings, ...) are real phisycal assets.

Someone think that also cryptos are real asset (a bit speculative).


This one it is a short term investment


Pumpkin flowers: they can be eaten in different manners. Some of them will become pumpkins and could be eaten in a near future. They are Short term investments.

This is an example of short-middle term investment.


Tomato fowers: they will become tomatos in some weeks. This is an example of short-middle term investments.

And this is an example of middle-long term investment.


Salad flowers: they will be transformed in a few days in seeds that could be planted. This is an example of "Futures" on an asset that has just given its revenue (the salad leaves were eaten for some week until a couple of weeks ago). Seeds are a simle example of long term investments.


The best is to mix: short-middle-long term investments to can have a continuous income.



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Reflections about the past, the future and the now
Reflections about the past, the future and the now

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