By Bill DLucas | Reflection | 15 Jun 2021

When I write this post the price of Ampleforth (AMPL) is $1.04. But their producers guarantee the price as close to $1.00 as possible. Thinking about how AMPL works is it possible to make a profit? I say yes. I've seen the same token worth $0.67 in just a few weeks.


According to its creators, AMPL should remain as close as possible to 1 dollar. If it is far below that, they decrease the amount of tokens in circulation so that the value increases. When much above that, they increase the amount of tokens so that the value remains. So how to win with AMPL? Simple. Buy when "low" and sell "high". Unlike other currencies that have a fixed value of 1 dollar, this currency becomes flexible according to demand. What makes us have time to make money on top. It's not a practice I advocate because I can use it as an AMPL. as a store of value, but for the most emotional it is the only option I see to make a profit, even if little.


If you are looking for high profits I don't recommend AMPL. There are several other currencies to profit much more. Altcoins arriving with great potential, football team tokens, shitcoins of various shapes and tastes. The risk is high, but as one Warren Buffett says "just invest". AMPL is for those looking for a quiet reserve in this highly volatile market. In it we know that prices will always be close to $1. And if you're one of the most emotional, sell right away because it's on the rise, and then go back to normal levels right away.

I would like to remind you that this is not an investment indication. This information is intended for public awareness and are in the public domain. All purchases and sales are the responsibility of the person making them.

To the next.

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Bill DLucas

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