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Binance futures Referral Program- 20% Off on Trading Fees

By anujsainicse | Referral Programs | 24 Apr 2020


The giant crypto exchange Binance brings you an opportunity to hop on to the Derivatives market by their new venture Binance Futures. Read the full post to earn profits through Binance Futures Referral Id.

Invitation Code : jkcrypto

Binance futures is providing a flat 10% Discount on trading fees if you sign up using our Binance Futures referral Id. After Signing up create your own Binance Futures Referral Code and Customize your Binance Futures Affiliate Link to receive Binance Futures Bonuses.

binance futures referral program


Binance Futures Referral Rewards


Let us understand the Binance futures profits we receive by enrolling ourselves in Binance Futures Referral Program. By using our Referral Code


  • You get a 10% Referral Discount on your trading fees. ( First 30 days )
  • A Binance Futures Referral Bonus of 20%.

binance futures affiliates





Binance Futures Affiliate Rewards


Customize your Affiliate link and get ready to win huge Binance Futures Rewards. You will be eligible to receive


  • Up to $72000 USDT as Affiliate Bonus
  • Up to 40% Discount on trading fees


Binance Futures Sign Up Process


  • Referral Link
  • Enter Mail Id
  • Create Password
  • Sign up


Remember to Sign up separately even if you have a Binance account by clicking on the Trade Tab. After that click on Futures.


Register yourself and do use our Binance futures Prom code - ""


Binance Futures Referral Program


Using our Referral Code you will receive an instant 10% discount on your Trading Fees. Thus a flat 10% profit.


After you have registered yourself using our Referral Id you can proceed to get your own Referral Code.


  • Log in
  • Click on your Id on Binance futures homepage
  • Go to Referrals
  • Enter your Customized referral Id : jkcrypto



Referral Rewards


The referral bonus you receive will depend upon the BNB balance you have. A 10% Binance Futures kickback will be awarded to your referral from your Base referral bonus rate.

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Thus by keeping a BNB balance of 500 BNB or more you can earn a 20% Referral Bonus.


The referral bonus will last only for 12 months from the date of your referral registration.


Binance Futures Affiliate Scheme


Try using your followers to register themselves on Binance Futures using your customized affiliate link and earn Binance Futures Affiliate Rewards.


  • Visit this link
  • Fill details and customize your affiliate link
  • Wait for approval



Affiliate Rewards


Depending upon the Trading Fees generated by your Referrals you can earn up to 72000 USDT in Affiliate Bonuses. The more your referrals trade the more profit you make.


You also earn an Affiliate Commission which increases as your referrals increases.


  • less than 1000 referrals - 30% base referral bonus
  • equal or greater than 1000 referrals - 40% referral bonus


Please use our Binance Futures Referral Code and earn 10% discount and start earning using Binance Futures Leveraged trading platform.


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