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We must safeguard crypto from the 1%

By reevofev | reevofev | 14 Feb 2021

The people speak, and the politicians clinch the corners of their mouths in smiling formation #6 from the "how-to-be-a-human" manual. Terrified their unnatural, insincere shtick may one day be transparent, the Jerry Nadler's of the world quickly waddle off camera and immediately continue to exploit their citizenry with zero restraint.    

Critical or dissenting opinions purged without due process, as decreed by Zuckerborg'n'friends, now exists as commonplace. If you voted for Trump, because you were appalled and disgusted by the Democrats, you are now unbearable filth and a danger to our democracy.

Have an original engaging thought or opinion?

You will remove your post or you will remain banned. Oh, also you're a danger to our democracy. 


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Don't think the Republicans are any different. In fact, they're worse. They are corrupt and spineless, with no values they truly stand behind, perpetually doing the left's bidding whilst simultaneously shitting on the rest of us. 

Biden is promising stimulus checks any day now. Thank god, I don't think I could go another 6 months without my $1,400 bailout from the government. How much of that stimulus bill do you think is taking a cruise around the block, exchanging a couple hands and coincidentally landing back into their own pockets?

Don't get it twisted, the difference between politicians and the 1% is nada. Each hand washes the other. Politicians are the 1%. Politicians and the billionaire class actively intermingle, catapulting themselves from one position of power to the next. 

The billionaire class greases the Pelosi's and the McConnel's wallets, and in turn get favorable legislation that leaves these mega firms completely unaccountable. These people are flying around in their private jets to T.V. gigs in order to tell YOU to quarantine in your home. 

Give me a break. I don't even want to say the C word, I might throw up.


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Poisoning all in which they come into contact with vile malevolence, we have allowed this malignant tumor to metastasize to deadly levels. You can try to tell me that some of them are genuine and really desire a better world, but you can't say most or even all.

It's a disease, slowly creeping through the economy and our society eroding away the fabric with each police officer prosecuted, each dollar that go brrrrr, and every citizen discarded as a right wing terrorist and removed from the national conversation. 

It's evident that the establishment has developed a taste for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Institutional investor's have poured billions into the crypto market, essentially becoming the ship's rudder with the brute mass of their investment. 

The incoming Biden administration's overall feeling towards crypto is somewhat of a mixed bag. 


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Janet Yellen, Biden's new treasury secretary, seems to fixate on the cons of cryptocurrency, such as the funding of illegal terrorist groups and money laundering for nefarious purposes. This certainly is concerning, however more concerning is the fact Janet Yellen is formerly president of the fed. With the outpouring of serious capital investment into BTC numbering in the billions, the foundational idea of P2P transactions has somewhat faded for Satoshi Nakamoto's revolutionary invention. 

BTC has become an alternative store of value - everyone uses the gold analogy but it's true. The signals are all there. The 1% in the blink of an eye took something that was meant to be a net positive for the 99%, and shat all over it. 

Put the pieces together and what you have is incoming regulatory actions by governments around the world. Maybe that's a good thing, I don't know. I'm not here to take a stance on that in particular. Gary Gensler is the new Securities and Exchange Commission Chair. His stance remains lukewarm as far as I can tell toward the market. I assume mostly because they haven't figure out how to tax it yet.


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As I'm sure you know, the value of $1USD has deteriorated substantially over the latter years of the 20th century, and the fed has made a concerted effort to print money at unsustainable levels. With gold no longer pegged to the dollar, there's a real chance of another substantial market collapse which would completely decimate the economy, once again starting the cycle over. 

The time is now to preserve what we have left of the future of crypto and decentralized finance. The piece of it we can still call ours. Coins like Cardano, Tron, Stellar, etc. should be cherished, preserved, and remain untainted by influential outside players. 

The tendrils are already beginning to seep into this beautiful crypto ecosystem, as it's already showing the world it's massive potential. 

/r WallstreetBets' antics proved retail investors have no place in the stock market - it's for big boys only. We have to learn to love each other has human beings and work strive towards a better future together.

For united we stand, divided they conquer.



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